Even though S was still in a grump because his leg was swollen and painful after getting a new tattoo (zero sympathy here), he did manage to be a brave little soldier for a while last weekend and had fun blowing bubbles with T.



Bubbles5T loves bubbles, he gets so excited and has just recently learnt how to say ‘bubbles’. On Sunday he even managed to blow some bubbles himself, although his attempts often involved him putting the wand in his mouth. He looked so proud of himself and clapped (and made sure we were clapping too!) when he actually managed to produceΒ a couple of little bubbles.


Bubbles4BWI love how such simple things bring so much joy, and also show how much he is changing and learning new things all the time.
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10 thoughts on “Bubbles

    • Helen Post author

      I think it’s great how much entertainment he can get from something so simple, and it keeps him entertained for ages! Were you full of sympathy like I am? πŸ˜‰


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