Cheeky Wipes Review

Little T hates having his nappy changed. I spend half my life chasing a naked, caked in poo toddler around the house only for him to scream like I’m killing him when I finally manage to pin him down and clean his bum. Aah, my life is so glamorous. I know you’re jealous. Don’t worry, most people are.

One of my favourite products that make these already joyous occasions into the height of ecstasy are Cheeky Wipes. These bad boys clean poo off a baby’s bum like you wouldn’t believe.

Cheeky Wipes

What are Cheeky Wipes?

They are reusable baby wipes, which is nowhere near as bad as it sounds. You store them in a little tub soaked in lavender and camomile essential oil-infused water then use them like a normal baby wipe. Then put them into the mucky wipes box where they soak in water infused with lemon and tea-tree oil. The all-in-one kit costs between £38.99-44.99 depending on the type of material the wipes are made of. It contains:

  • 25 wipes
  • clean wipes box
  • mucky wipes box
  • clean wipes bag
  • mucky wipes bag
  • clean and mucky essential oils

Cheeky Wipes

How do Cheeky Wipes compare to disposables?


  • Use less wipes per nappy change and easier to clean as the fibres pick up poo much better than disposables.
  • Better for the environment.
  • Cheaper (saving £250-500 over first 2 years).
  • Less chemicals on baby’s skin.
  • You don’t need to dry them after washing before putting them back into the clean wipes box.


  • More work than disposables.
  • Washing can be a bit gross, but only for a couple of seconds. The mucky wipes are in a washable bag that you need to lift out of the box and into the machine. I use a muslin to catch the drips.
  • Stains. If you hang them outside to dry the sunlight bleaches them and gets rid of the stains (but hanging up a load of little wipes is bit of a ball-ache).

Cheeky Wipes

For me, the cost and environmental factors are the biggies. I would love to have the commitment to cloth-bum T but, although I have a few reusable nappies, I mainly use disposables. So, I think I redeem myself a little bit in the environmental stakes by using the Cheeky Wipes. I also like that they work better than disposables for cleaning poo and I feel like they are more refreshing for T in the morning after a whole night in his nappy.

If you buy the all-in-one kit you get the clean and mucky wipes boxes for home use and also bags for out and about. I must admit I use disposables for when we’re out as I kept forgetting to wash the mucky wipes from the bag and would find them in my changing bag several days later. If your baby brain isn’t quite as bad as mine you’ll probably get on fine with using Cheeky Wipes while you’re out.

*Disclosure: I bought the Cheeky Wipes myself and received no incentive, financial or otherwise, for writing this review*

Cheeky Wipes


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3 thoughts on “Cheeky Wipes Review

    • Helen Post author

      I’ve never even attempted night time, T’s sleep was bad enough without a wet nappy bothering him too! I’m trying to get better at using the cloth nappies at home now- I see how many disposables we get through and it makes me feel slightly sick. Big fan of the cloth wipes though.

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