Our favourite books in October

I’m joining in with the very first Kids Love to Read monthly linky hosted by Laura from Laura’s Lovely Blog and Angela from Days in Bed. I thought that joining in with this linky would be a great way to share our favourite books every month. So this month I’m sharing our 70 favourite books of the month. That’s right, seventy!

I’ve always read to T since he was a tiny baby, and it’s something we both really enjoy. You can’t beat snuggling up with a book and it’s an important part of our bedtime and naptime routines. I’ve loved watching his love of books develop from simply looking at the pictures and listening to the words, to saying some words and pointing at the pictures. It’s also a great way to get a stealth cuddle with my Duracell bunny toddler!

1. Chug Chug Tractor

Tractor Book

T is a little obsessed with tractors (or “didda’s”) at the moment, so S couldn’t resist buying him this book. It’s a fab board book full of pictures of tractors and farm animals, and some of the flaps even play a sound when you lift them! I think T probably wanted it read about 50 times the first day he had it! He’s calmed down a bit now, but we still read it about once a day at the moment.

2. How do dinosaurs say I love you?

Dinosaurs Book

We have this book out of the library at the moment. It’s perfect for T’s age (18 months) because it’s a picture book with a different dinosaur up to mischief on each page, and there aren’t too many words all in one go. I must admit, I absolutely love this book (probably more than T!). It is all about dinosaurs who do things that will be very familiar to parents of toddlers such as refusing naps and making a mess with their food, but their humans (parents) still love them. I even got a little emotional reading it in places (“I’ll love you forever, my dinosaur”).

3-70. Thomas and Friends (you didn’t really think I was going to review 70 books did you?!)

Thomas and Friends Books

This fantastic set of 68 books was bought for T last Christmas by my Auntie. He was too young for it at the time, but now that he’s really into Thomas and Friends he will (usually!) happily sit and listen to one of these books before his bedtime/naptime. Each book is about a different character and is just short enough to keep his attention. The illustrations are great because they are obviously of the trains, but T also loves to spot little details in them, such as animals and cars. It’s a big enough set that by the time we’ve worked our way through them I won’t mind going back and starting all over again.

So there you are, our 70 favourite books in October. What are your favourite books to read to your toddler? Any recommendations?

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