7 ways to stop cats pooing in your garden

Last winter our garden was the toilet for all the local cats. Little T was just crawling, but I desperately wanted to be able to use our garden in the spring/summer when T would be walking. After a bit of trial and error, I finally have a poo-free garden to enjoy with my little man. Here are my 7 tips on how to stop cats pooing in your garden.

7 ways to stop cats pooing in your gardenPhotograph copyright: vvvita / 123RF Stock Photo

1. Pick up poo. You need to pick up the cat’s poo as soon as you find it. If you leave it there it will encourage them to keep coming back. Feel free to mutter expletives under your breath while you do it.

2. Don’t use chilli. You may find people recommend putting down chilli powder. Don’t. It’s not just that the cats don’t like it, it’s actually pretty cruel. Find a more humane way of deterring them.

3. Half empty water bottles. Apparently the way the light looks when it hits the water freaks them out.

4. CD’s on a string. Again, they don’t like the reflection of sunlight. I also thought this might be quite a nice sensory thing for little T when he was a baby.

5. Citrus peel. Orange and lemon peel smell foul to cats so if you have any lying around, you just found a use for it, hooray.

6. Lion poo. Seriously, you can buy lion poo! Apparently the cats can tell from the smell that it is the territory of a more dominant cat. I almost bought it because I loved the idea of it, but then realised I was replacing one type of poo with another!

7. Buy an electronic cat scarer*.  This emits a very loud high pitched noise which is apparently inaudible to humans but scares away cats. I was amazed that after about a week there was no more cat poo in our garden. They stayed away long after the batteries died too. The other day I found a stray poo, so I put new batteries in. Turns out toddlers can hear the noise it makes! T was fascinated by it. He sat in front of it for ages pointing at it and making high pitched squeaky noises, it was incredibly cute.

*This is an affiliate link so I receive a commission if you buy the cat scarer through this link. I only recommend products I have tried and loved.

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21 thoughts on “7 ways to stop cats pooing in your garden

    • Margie

      When my cat (indoor) started urinating outside his litter box,it turned out to be a urinary tract infection. The Vet treated and changed his food to one more suited to this problem. I just don’t understand why people let cats roam the streets. I sure don’t appreciate these cats. I see them running in front of cars in the streets,often getting hit,or cars narrowly avoiding accidents trying to miss hitting them. I don’t want other people’s cats hanging out at my bird feeders or anywhere in a my yard. Then there’s the often infected or flea ridden critters they kill. Cats then expose people when they bring these dirt mites into the house. I know people would not like my dog taking a dump in their flowers,digging in their yards, or just hanging out on their front porch,bothering their pets. Cats should have the same restrictions as dogs.

      • Nathalie

        I totally agree with you.
        Several cats come in my back yard and poo in my garden. They Tonce my two dogs by sitting in front of the patio door or on the window ledge outside of the kitchen. None of them have had their shots, and have not been neutered or spayed.
        I spray them with my water bottle.
        The cats come from families with dogs so they are all use to dogs, so my 2 little Pomeranians have no effect on the cats.
        I don’t know what else to do to keep my neighbors cats out of my backyard.
        I do love cats and grew up with them.
        All my cats were indoor cats and had all their shots, spayed or neutered callers with a name tag and my phone number, later on when the microchip came out, they were all microchipped
        I just wish that the owner of cats would be more responsible and spay, neuter them. There are so many cats in shelters that need good homes.

        • Killegrewe

          I did not want to hurt the cats (5 of them from various neighbors) so I used tuna in a raccoon trap and took them to the shelter. Eventually the owners got tired of the trips and started being responsible for their care. No more destructive digging in my veggies.

          • Katie

            Oh that’s awful and way over the top and cruel. Why didn’t you just google ways to stop cats coming in your garden instead of doing that to them poor things plus the owners must have been worried sick, I’d go mad if someone done that to my cat, what on earth is wrong with you???

          • gorro

            good thinking. cats are a pain in the ar*e and their owners are normally sad and over protective. must be a shame you cannot get a human to befriend you, having to rely on a (selfish) animal instead for affection.

          • Woodworking Fool

            I have a beautiful Calico. She is an indoor cat. I applaud you for doing that. I hate coming outside and finding the neighbors cats poop in my yard. I’m going to do the same. Thanks for the great idea. Hopefully they become responsible owners. I’m sure I am not the only one tired of their irresponsible neighbors.

          • G

            Oh man. I am at my wits end with my neighbors 5 cats. She’s heard us complain about her cats. And I think what you did was necessary. The cats walk about the neighborhood like they own it. I am sure we are not the only ones who keep digging up poop. We spent lots of money trying to keep them out. There was nothing inhumane about what you did. You wouldn’t a dog roam around why is a cat any different.

      • Katie

        Oh how ridiculous, it’s just cruel in my view to keep a cat indoors all the time, it’s there nature to go out exploring, when I kept my cat in after she was spayed it broke my heart for her, she sat and stared out the window the whole time and she had never been out before because I didn’t let her out till I got all her vaccines and spayed, they need exercise too, cats ain’t like dogs you can’t take them out in leads (I’ve tried many times they all hate it) I love my cat more than anything and worry when she’s out but it’s just not fair to keep them in, same as birds in a cage they need to fly and be free. Sorry but what’s the point of having a cat when it will have a miserable life being stuck indoors all the time!!! I want my cat to be happy and have a lovely life, the only time I shut her in is for a couple of hours at night time. When I was keeping her in all night she couldn’t wait to get out in the morning and she scratched up all the carpet poor little girl, and she would stay out all the time but now she had the choice of going out she chooses to stay in a lot more.

  1. Susan

    Buy a product called Feliway for the house. You can get it as a spray and a plug in (try amazon). It has some sort of feremones in it which help calm your cat and make the place seem familiar again. Also useful if the cat scratches ir sprays where it shouldnt

  2. Joyce

    Do you have any ideas for stray dogs…have one comes in our back yard every day lately and pooing….the dog is sick looking…thinking it belongs to a neighbor but it don’t know them…a friend is checking it out for me but any ideas how to keep the dog away….TIA…love your site

  3. chris

    LOVE that you call it…. “pooo! (instead of the alternative!) I will try the lemon peels.
    !! How much is the scare-er??

  4. Ma

    Cats are incredibly sensitive to smell so strong scents such as lavender, peppermint or cinnamon are great for keeping them away. Choose one of these scents, mix with water and spray around the garden. While this is just a short-term option, it’s cost-effective and non-toxic.
    Ma recently posted…SUBJ1Cats are incredibly sensitive to smell so strong scents such as lavender, peppermint or cinnamon are great for keeping them away. Choose one of these scents, mix with water and spray around the garden. While this is just a short-term option, it’s cost-effective and non-toxic.
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