10 things I hate about driving

I’ve been driving 12 years now. Although it’s such a useful skill and has meant I have been able to do so many things I would never have been able to do otherwise, some days I see things that really p*ss me off.

10 things I hate about driving

  1. Tailgating. People who insist on sitting right on my arse because they can’t wait 2 seconds while I overtake someone. Even worse when they flash their lights or put their beam on.
  2. Not saying thank you. This is pure rudeness. If I’ve waited to let you past it takes a second to raise your hand slightly in acknowledgement.
  3. Speeding. Especially in a 30mph limit when there might be children around. It’s selfish, dangerous and unnecessary.
  4. Driving too slowly. Okay, this might make me sound a bit of a hypocrite, but it really annoys me when people drive 20 mph below the speed limit for no reason. It’s not safe because it encourages all the impatient morons to try and overtake you.
  5. Taking my car to the garage. I’m 29 years old, married, with a good job, a house and a child. But when I take my car to the garage for a service or to replace my Dunlop tyres, I always feel like a silly little girl who doesn’t understand manly things like engines and brake pads (it probably doesn’t help that I look about 12). It really bugs me because I’m not stupid, I just have no interest in cars.
  6. Parent and child spaces. These annoy me for two reasons. The first is because they are abused by lazy people or arrogant gits who don’t want their expensive car to be damaged in a normal space. The second is because they bring out an unpleasant self-righteous attitude in certain parents when they see them being used by people without children (who may have a hidden disability). Maybe it would be better if we just got rid of them (or put them further away from the shop with a safe, traffic-free link to the shop)?
  7. Undertaking. Even worse than regular tailgaters are the ones who decide they will take matters into their own hands and try to undertake you. One of these f*ckwits nearly drove into the side of me when I was about to change lanes.
  8. Pulling out slowly. Recently a lorry decided to pull out from the hard shoulder in front of us at 5 mph meaning my husband had to swerve into the middle lane to avoid him. That lorry driver drives for a living.
  9. Badly maintained cars. When I see a pile of rust with bald tyres it makes me angry. If you can’t be arsed to keep your car roadworthy then don’t drive. As much as I hate going to the garage (see point 5), I will always take my car to be maintained or for new tyres whenever it needs it. It’s so easy to get new tyres fitted, especially with websites like Point S where you can choose your tyres and book an appointment online, that there’s really no excuse.
  10. Anyone who puts my baby at risk. This is really the main point for me. One day the thought occurred to me that as much as I can drive safely, I rely on other road users to keep my baby safe, and most of them appear to be idiots. This thought absolutely terrifies me. So please, drive safely, for your sake and the sake of my little man.

…and breathe. It really feels better to have a good old rant sometimes! So, go on then, what are your driving pet hates?

*Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

18 thoughts on “10 things I hate about driving

  1. Blogging Mummy

    I agree on most of your points they are really good points. I do however think sometimes undertaking is necessary when your have a tw@ in the fast lane overtaking nothing and nothing coming up in the slow lane. I will wait for a while then I shall undertake if they are taking the mick. I also hate taking my car to the garage. I always make my hubby take it he he xx
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    • Helen

      I know what you mean,but I try to resist undertaking other people since some idiot nearly went into the side of me by undertaking me. I always try to convince my husband he needs to take the car to the garage but he’s mean and makes me do it, haha!
      Helen recently posted…My week at a glance #2My Profile

  2. Sarah Golding

    I agree with your points. Especially the garage, that’s one thing I miss after moving away from my hometown as my best mates are mechanics there so would check my car for me (and also give it a clean!)
    Sarah Golding recently posted…Baby photosMy Profile

    • Helen

      That’s very true. I do get angry when I see other people’s stupidity, but I try to let it go as much as possible. Some people just have no patience when they’re driving.

  3. ELTEC

    Modern life is more distracting than ever before, so you need to know basic driving safety and practice it constantly. I agree that the most important thing is to focus!


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