T’s first BBQ: Summer Days

During the hot weather recently we decided it would be a great idea to have a BBQ for our dinner one evening. A toddler and hot surfaces, what could possibly go wrong?!

Actually it wasn’t too bad. We had a disposable BBQ from Sainsbury’s which I lit and then we all went back inside while the flames died down. When I went back outside to do the rest of the cooking, T decided that he had to play with me all the time and Daddy wouldn’t do! But S did a sterling job at distracting him by playing football while I cooked our food. Then we sat in the evening sunshine and enjoyed our vegetarian feast of Quorn burgers and sausages with pepper and halloumi kebabs.

2015-06-29 18.35.34

2015-06-29 18.35.42

T soon decided that his food wasn’t nearly as tasty as Daddy’s food (which was exactly the same!) so had to have S’ burger instead of his own.

2015-06-29 18.39.43

Then we had strawberries with ice cream which T couldn’t get enough of!

2015-06-29 18.58.44

2015-06-29 19.00.11

After dinner we played with T in the garden, he was giggling and running round, loving the warm sunshine. It was one of those long evenings that epitomize summer, full of sunshine, giggles and good food.

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Summer days

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    • Helen Post author

      I love a good BBQ too! All our neighbours had been having them and the smell had made us so jealous! Halloumi kebabs are awesome, a new favourite of mine.

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