All the Fun of the Fair: Summer Days

We took little T to the fair for the first time today. The smell of hot dogs and candy floss took me right back to being 14 again, laughing and smoking with my friends, the sugar rushes and snogging ‘townies.’ I loved the slightly dubious rides, the garish flashing lights, the impossible games with crappy prizes, all accompanied by blaring not-quite-current music. It’s such a brilliantly tacky assault on the senses.

I thought T would be fascinated by the sights, sounds and smells, but he seemed decidedly underwhelmed by it all.


To cheer him up, I decided to take him on his first little fairground ride. So we found one with ladybirds that just went round in a circle. At first he seemed to enjoy trying to steer it.

Sunflower ride


But then he decided he didn’t like it any more and turned round to cling to me.

IMG_3321A less than successful first ride. But moments later, all was forgotten when T spotted the lorries parked at the edge of the fair.



IMG_3363After some candy floss and riding on Daddy’s shoulders (much more fun than the ladybirds), we headed home. We should have just taken him to a lorry park, he would’ve had more fun.




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Summer Days

6 thoughts on “All the Fun of the Fair: Summer Days

    • Helen Post author

      He actually had a new toy this week too and has been obsessed with the box- he carries it around everywhere and will happily sit in it for ages!

    • Helen Post author

      He would have definitely preferred not to go on the ride, could have saved myself £4! Maybe I’ll give Thomas Land a miss for now then.


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