Simple pleasures

After a lie-in (until 9am! Thanks, S), this morning I went to the hairdresser’s. I’m not normally a fan of going and only get my wild locks tamed when absolutely necessary (a couple of weddings coming up soon). But I had a lovely time. I sat on a massage chair while I had my hair washed then had a cappucino brought to me that I drank while it was HOT, and had my hair cut and styled beautifully by a easy to talk to, non-intimidating hairdresser! It was bliss.

Then I popped into Tesco on the way home and went shopping by myself. I did some browsing, bought some vino and chocolate peanuts (which I am enjoying right now), and picked up a DVD, all without the constant low level anxiety that accompanies shopping with a toddler who could go into meltdown at any moment. Aah, simple pleasures.

When I got home, little T was up from his nap, and S was waiting to leave to go on a stag weekend. We kissed him goodbye and sat down to lunch. Then I decided we’d do some finger-painting.

We last finger-painted about a month ago and I was somewhat traumatised by the experience. But like childbirth, the passage of time renders the memory of it less painful. So I dug out the paints.

Mmm, yummy paint

Well obviously the first thing T did was to try and eat the paint. It’s got something in it that makes it taste vile (I know- I tried it) to try and stop kids from eating it. T will not eat vegetables or most fruits but went back for seconds of the paint.

Next he ran around for a bit while I tried to coax him back to the paper. Then he put his whole hand in the paint and decided he really needed to touch me. And got very sad when I wasn’t up for this. When he stepped in the tub with the paint in I decided that was enough painting for today. Despite all this he still managed to create a, um, masterpiece.

T's masterpiece

Having given up on finger painting, I then needed to negotiate our cream carpets and magnolia walls holding a paint-covered baby at arms length. I managed to get him to the bathroom and chuck him in the bath. Which he was thrilled about.

Bath time tears

Even colourful rubber duckies couldn’t cheer him up.

T and his rubber duckies

While he was in the bath it started to p*ss it down. In my haste to get him in the bath, I had left the back door open. When we got downstairs my excited little boy ran over to the door to see the storm. Before I could stop him he climbed outside and began to run about in the rain. So I grabbed our rain jackets and went to join him.

In the rain

I had a lovely bit of me-time this morning, but actually the highlight of my day was seeing the look of pure joy as T splashed in the puddles and felt the rain on his face in our impromptu play time in the rain (which ruined my lovely new hair-do… I didn’t mind, much). #simple pleasures.

Plus his painting was washed away by the rain which saves me the guilt of throwing it away (sorry T but I think we can both agree it wasn’t your best effort). #bonus.

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