My Boys: August 2016

I’m so excited to finally be writing my first ever siblings post as part of the Siblings Project from Lucy at Dear Beautiful.

Baby A is 2 weeks old now and is a little angel that has fitted perfectly into our family. Little T has, on the whole, taken the transition to big brother totally in his stride.

Throughout my pregnancy we spoke to him about the baby in Mummy’s tummy and, as my bump grew, so did the beginnings of his relationship with his baby brother. He used to gently kiss and cuddle my tummy, saying, ‘hi, baby!’ Amazingly, considering he’s not even 2 and a half, he seem to understand that baby A is the same baby that was in my tummy and their relationship has continued to grow since baby A’s birth.

T met baby A the day that he was born. When he came to the hospital I gave him a big cuddle the moment he arrived and we went over to meet A who was in his cot. T was so gentle with him and was delighted with the toy tractor and digger that the baby had bought him. He also gave baby A the gift he had picked himself, a cute stuffed zebra, which was A’s very first toy.

Siblings August 2016a

Things didn’t quite go smoothly after A’s birth as he needed to stay in hospital for 5 days to complete a course of antibiotics before we were allowed home. Initially little T was fine but as the days went on he became more and more upset at having to leave and go home with Grandma while Mummy and Daddy stayed in the hospital with baby A. As much as I was missing T, I decided it would be for the best if he didn’t come to visit so often. It didn’t seem fair to upset him (and potentially sew the seeds of sibling jealousy) for a visit that was really for my benefit. I really loved his visits though; when he first caught sight of us, he would run over as fast as he could, excitedly saying, ‘Mummy! Daddy!’

Siblings August 2016b

Since we’ve come home it’s been the most incredible experience, seeing how our gentle and loving little boy is completely besotted with his baby brother. T still can’t say his own name (he refers to himself as ‘diddy’), but he says baby A’s name perfectly. Every morning, the first thing T wants to do is kiss and cuddle A. He loves holding A and when A holds onto his finger. When A’s crying T will say, ‘alright, baby’, ‘come on, baby’ and ‘no cry now, baby’ (although sometimes he tries to out-scream him…!). The cutest thing has been when he’s been singing him songs to try and calm him down, usually, ‘this old man, he played one…’ and ‘soft kitty’ (from the Big Bang Theory!).

Siblings August 2016c

There have been some challenges too. Little T has been incredibly sensitive since baby A came home, the slightest hint that you’re telling him off makes him very upset, especially if you’re warning him to be careful of the baby. His behaviour has also been quite challenging at times, but we’re trying to remember that he’s so little still (even though he seems to have grown a foot taller since bringing the baby home) and it’s a huge adjustment for him. Overall though, he’s really been the most amazing big brother and I couldn’t be more proud of our big boy. I’m so excited to see their relationship develop over the months and years to come.

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