The last few days of summer

I love this time of year. The slightly melancholy feeling that accompanies the end of summer.

We’re moving towards the time of changing leaves and clocks, layering clothes, scarves, boots, hot chocolate, dark evenings, fireworks. The countdown to Christmas.

We went for one last summer outing last week: a walk in a nature reserve. The #nofilterneeded blue skies contrasting with the first hints of redness in the trees, the warmth of the sun and coolness of the shadows; a truly beautiful day.

20150919_150701We pointed out all the details to T. Crunching leaves, a delicate seed head ready to be blown away, blackberries and the sound of birds.

BlackberriesHe ran back along the path to cuddle his favourite wooden signpost. He ooh’d with excitement while playing in a den we discovered in the woods. We turned over rotten logs in search of creepy crawlies. He danced and laughed and played.


IMG_0162When we stopped, I laid back on the grass and closed my eyes, the warm sunshine caressing my face. I listened to the silence punctuated only by bird song and the occasional light aircraft overhead.

This is the life. Who needs fancy holidays when you have days like this?

S and T in nature reserve

T and S Nature ReserveI want T’s childhood to be formed of days like this. I want him to look back on innocent days filled with simple pleasures. These will be his memories to treasure.

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10 thoughts on “The last few days of summer

    • Helen Post author

      Thank you, Carie! It’s definitely a memory that I will treasure, and I want to fill T’s childhood with other memories like this one. It was so cute! He ran up to it and cuddled it for a bit then we walked on, then he suddenly turned around and ran back to his signpost!

  1. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Aw such a gorgeous post. It’s been such weird weather here, one day cold and we are getting the jumpers out and the next we are wearing sandals. Such a funny time of year. It looks like a perfect day out and lovely photos. x

    • Helen Post author

      Thank you, Katie 🙂 I never seem to choose the right clothes at the moment, I’m either boiling or frozen! I’ll have to work on some outfits with layers. x


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