Lazy mornings with Cat: Ordinary Moments

I’ve not done an ordinary moments post for ages but it’s something that I want to get back into. Recording the everyday moments that would otherwise be forgotten is the reason that I started blogging in the first place.

One thing that I really cherish at the moment is mine and T’s lazy mornings. I’m really lucky that I only work two days a week so the other five days we can start the morning at our own pace.

Little T generally doesn’t wake up until about 8am. He’s still in a co-sleeper cot next to our bed so we cuddle while we both wake up.

T usually gets out some of his books (his pop-up tractor book being a particular favourite at the moment!) and will look through them while I check out Facebook, or something equally intellectual, on my phone.

One thing that always features in our lazy mornings in the half-darkness is Cat. T never had a favourite soft toy, until he found a little tiger at my parents’ house about a month ago. He loves ‘Cat,’ cuddles him to go to sleep and looks for him as soon as he wakes up.

I know these magical mornings won’t last forever. I’m sure there’ll be some adjustment in July when T’s little brother or sister makes an appearance, and even before then when T moves into his own room to make space for the baby, but I do hope it’s something that we can continue with three of us (or four at weekends).

I’m sure I’ll look back very fondly on these lazy mornings with Cat in a few years time when I’m rushing around to get us ready for the pre-school/school run.

T and cat

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4 thoughts on “Lazy mornings with Cat: Ordinary Moments

  1. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Ah it is lovely to have you back Helen! I love lazy mornings too, it is a lot harder now Mads is at school. We love them at the weekends too. He is so cute with his cat, LL is just like that with her Baa Baa! x

    • Helen Post author

      Thanks Katie! I was reading some of the posts on Sunday and realised how much I’d missed the ordinary moments. It really is adorable to see how much he loves Cat, I bet LL is really cute with Baa Baa xx

    • Helen Post author

      The lazy mornings really are great. I know that they won’t last so I’m enjoying them while I can! The lighting is terrible and they’re not the best pictures, but I think they’re great because they shows how much he loves his Cat!


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