Instagram-worthy or a Facebook rant?

On Wednesday my Instagram feed (you should follow me, it’s awesome ;-)) had a few pictures I took while out on a lovely autumnal walk with T. There was sunshine and stunning autumn leaves, wellies and conker collection. We talked about spiders and how acorns grow into oak trees and T laughed at squirrels. We had a magical time. The end.

In fact, I didn’t have a great day. I work Tuesdays and Thursdays so I love having my little T for a day in the middle of a work sandwich. It’s something I look forward to all day Tuesday and gets me through Thursday to my four day weekend (it’s a hard life). I feel like I should make the most of it so I try to plan for us to do something fun, hence the autumnal walk.

T woke up really early and then whined at me for the next hour while I tried in vain to encourage him to go back to sleep. We got up after S had left for work, and T whined at me a bit more while I got him breakfast.

He screamed and fought me while I tried to change his nappy and ran away when I tried to dress him. I almost decided against the walk as he was in such a foul mood. In the end I decided we had to get out the house and we set off, much later than I’d intended, for our walk.

I’ll admit, the walk itself was actually pretty special. T’s mood instantly improved the moment we left the house. We only went to a local park then into town, but I loved re-discovering autumn through a toddler’s eyes.

I grabbed some lunch from a small supermarket and we sat in a different park to eat it. As anticipated, T refused everything except a bread roll and some yoghurt. By now it was way past nap time so there was no way I was going to the playground on the way home, despite T screaming at the top of his lungs when he realised we weren’t going in.

Nap time was horrendous. More screaming. He was overtired so fought his nap with all his might (because obviously sleeping wouldn’t help in any way…). I lost my patience and snapped at him a couple of times. Then he went to sleep and looked angelic, and I felt insanely guilty for shouting.

So why and I telling you all this? I could have left you with the Instagram pictures and the rose-tinted view of our day together. But that’s not the whole story. I don’t want to make someone else feel bad that their toddler whined and screamed and pinched and refused to eat/nap/get dressed, because, guess what, mine did too.

I’m writing this blog to keep a record of T’s childhood because my memory is appalling, and the thought of forgetting really upsets me. I want to cherish every little moment, good and bad, and record it to be re-visited in years to come. As nice as it would be to look back and only remember things like the autumn walk, I want to remember how hard it can sometimes be when you’re a parent of a young child. When you acknowledge the bad times it makes you appreciate the good times even more.

Autumn walk 2

Autumn walk 3

Autumn Walk 4

Autumn walk1Have you had Instagram-worthy week? Or has it been more like a Facebook rant?

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17 thoughts on “Instagram-worthy or a Facebook rant?

  1. Rosie

    I loved reading this, I love the style and the honesty not that it was a difficult day. It really really bugs me when parents gloss over how great it is every single friggin second cause it’s not it’s really tough sometimes, I even heard someone say the word easy once….:-/
    My week has sounded a little like yours nice moments/hours in amongst extreme winging and thinking that 4am is clearly morning ha!
    I knkw what you mean about work too I’m the same!
    Hope today has more Instagram moments then facebook rants, also I love the photos they are beautiful!!
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    • Helen Post author

      Thanks Rosie! I’m probably guilty of presenting an overly positive view of parenting a lot of the time. T is the most amazing little boy and I want to only say positive things about him, but sometimes parenting can be so tough 🙁

      4am, ouch! I thought 5 was bad! Xx

    • Helen Post author

      I love autumn too! I’m going to attempt to make a caterpillar out of the conkers! It’s amazing how a little fresh air can make so much difference 🙂 x

  2. Mummymelton

    Love this post!! Social media is great but can be so fake, people share what they want others to see, me included. The nice happy side of life is nicer to share than the not so nice parts. I am off with Mini M every other Monday & have wonderful ideas of how we can spend the day but it doesn’t always work out that way as he’s a toddler, sometimes he just doesn’t want to do something or has a tantrum half way through. xx
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  3. Sarah HP

    I think I accept that people are presenting an edited version of their life. I don’t post very much on instagram, I haven’t quite got my head around it and I do think twice about putting photos on there as my life is not as fabulously presented as the other images I see. I was going to put a photo on my facebook showing how horrendously messy my kitchen was – in a funny way – and then I thought no people are going to judge me and think I’m a slob! I have to admit I’ve cropped out mess from the backgorund of photos I’ve put on social media.

    • Helen Post author

      I’d love to see your messy kitchen and I wouldn’t judge you at all! I know what you mean though, all my pictures have the mess carefully cropped out of the background!

  4. Rachel

    Loved this. I think if everyone is being honest, life is a combination of both. Jude is really struggling with his teeth at night at the moment, and it feels so hard being up and down in the night. But when he is happy he is so delicious, I forget every bad night-time. When Dylan turned 3 I saw a definite shift in his behaviour too. Far fewer tantrums and getting him dressed is sooo much easier! It’s always good to know that people are going through or have experienced the same.
    Rachel recently posted…Forward, back, forward, back?My Profile

    • Helen Post author

      Thank you! I know what you mean. We’ve had a few bad days of tantrums recently, but I do forget all the difficulties (temporarily!) when he’s being funny or cute or just a generally awesome little boy!

    • Helen Post author

      Thank you! I think it’s very easy to make your life look much more perfect than it really is. I was looking at my Instagram pictures and thinking, ‘these really don’t represent my day.’


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