Gloop: Ordinary Moments

This week, S was away with work so T and I went to stay with my parents (T goes there twice a week while I’m at work anyway). As it was a nice day, I thought I could cope with a bit of messy play in the garden. I found this post over at Becoming a Stay at Home Mum on making gloop and thought we’d give it a go.

To make gloop, put a couple of cups of cornflour in a bowl and gradually add water, mixing it together with a spoon.


20150715_142447T loved helping me to stir! As you mix it together it transforms into something that is somewhere in between a liquid and solid. If you squeeze it in your hands it’s solid, but when you stop squeezing it becomes liquid again, truly awesome stuff!

So we tried to encourage T to put his hands in and play with it but he wasn’t at all impressed and immediately tried to shake this stuff off his hands!



20150715_142911Then T ran off to play with Grandma, maybe he’s a bit young for gloop at the moment. I can imagine he will have great fun with it when he’s a bit older; and it’ll be great for teaching him a bit of science too. Definitely something to remember for later. It’s quite fun for adults too…

20150715_144527My brother and I were transfixed with the gloop, it was so much fun! And it’s really easy to clean up as it’s just cornflour and water (although probably still better as an outdoors activity).

We finally managed to drag ourselves away from the gloop and spent the rest of the afternoon mucking around in the garden with my T and my parents.




Staying with my parents this week has been brilliant. I’ve loved seeing the relationship that’s developed between them and T as I only normally see snippets of it when I drop him off or pick him up. T adores my Mum but is absolutely besotted with my Dad at the moment (and vice versa); it’s so cute seeing his great big smile and running over to my Dad wanting to be picked up. This is a relatively new development and it’s so lovely to see.

Playtime in the garden with Grandma, Grandad and Uncle Jack. Just another one of the #OrdinaryMoments that make life with a toddler so much fun.

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    • Helen Post author

      It was fab, definitely recommend it. I’m sure your girls will love it! I don’t think the pictures truly captured T’s disgust, haha!


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