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This week we went to visit T’s Great Grandma. We try to go 5/6 times a year. It’s not as often as I’d like but a 5 hour round trip isn’t a small ask with a toddler. Unfortunately it means that T is incredibly shy when we visit as he’s very nervous around strangers. He clings to me and won’t go to Great Grandma, or GG as she likes to be called- Great Grandma makes her sound old, apparently (she’s 86).

We did have a great time playing in GG’s garden, though. I used to love playing in her garden as a child, there’s loads of space to run around in plus there’s a secret garden. Hidden from the house, you go through a small passage with a gate and there’s another section of the garden full of apple trees and hiding places.

GG is a fantastic gardener, she grows loads of different kinds of flowers and plants, and in the autumn there is always a glut of apples too. My brother lives much nearer and visits regularly to help cut the grass and do any big gardening jobs, but GG looks after her beautiful flower bed herself. T was fascinated by some flowers that were starting to dry out and turn crispy. He also has a thing about drains and loves looking into them to find out where the gurgling noise is coming from and where the water is going.

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4 generations enjoying GG's garden: special summer memories


One of the cutest things he’s started doing recently is walking around with his hands behind his back. He looks as though he’s pondering the great mysteries of the world. My little philosopher.


I followed him all the way up the path without him knowing I was there. He was humming adorably the whole time. Love that boy.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to photograph everyone enjoying the garden. It was cloudy which I was happy about; I’m no good at shooting in bright sunshine, does anyone have any tips? I’m shooting pretty much exclusively in manual now and really enjoying the challenge, and getting some half-decent pictures at the end of it. Makes me very tempted to invest in a DSLR; I’ve got a big birthday coming up next year, so maybe I should treat myself.

T explored the garden with my Mum and GG watching on. Four generations enjoying GG’s garden, a lovely summer memory. As people are living longer now it’s becoming more common for children to know their great grandparents, which I think is so special- such an amazing link to the past and their family tree. None of my great grandparents were still alive when I was born but T’s lucky enough to have met three of his.



T has obviously inherited my enjoyment of photography, he is fascinated by my camera and gets very upset when I won’t let him play with it.


It was lovely to spend some time with GG, and for her to see her only great grandson (until October anyway). She’s had a tough year after a nasty fall just before Christmas so it’s great to see her looking so well. She has lost some of her confidence but is still fiercely independent, blitz spirit still fully intact.

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14 thoughts on “GG’s Garden

    • Helen Post author

      Thank you, it was lovely. We live close to my parents but my extended family is pretty scattered around the country so we don’t see as much of them as I’d like. x

    • Helen Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comment! I think he’s pretty adorable… I may be slightly biased though. You’re right about there being so much to learn about photography but I’m really enjoying practicing, I love trying to get good pictures of my boy and capture special memories. I’ll pass that comment on to my Grandma! She was saying, ‘what are you taking pictures of me for?’ She always looks glam though, I’ve only seen her without make up once before. Xx

    • Helen Post author

      I love your post about your grandparents! We’re definitely very lucky. My husband doesn’t have any of his grandparents left, I’m so grateful that T has met three of mine. Xx

  1. Kat | Beau Twins

    Ah I love this post. Your grandma looks amazing – she is stunning. I a super close to my grandma and blessed we have 5 of us – My grandma, my mum, me and my two girls in a photo together – which reminds me I need an up to date one. Your boy is adorable, #TheOrdinaryMoments Kat 🙂 xx
    Kat | Beau Twins recently posted…Ladies Night Out – The OutfitMy Profile

    • Helen Post author

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I love getting family pictures with all of us together, I think we are probably well overdue another one of all of us! Xx

  2. Hannah

    I love the picture with T strolling down the path, humming with his hands behind his back, he looks so relaxed and happy. Your grandma is doing so well! My little Amy is a similar age and she loves my camera too. She loves seeing pictures of herself and asks ‘I see it’ after most pictures!
    Hannah recently posted…{Meal Planning} #35 ‘Back to basics’My Profile


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