My week at a glance #5

Week at a glance 51. Food bank donation. 2. Blogging. 3. Uncle time. 4. My big boy

This week we made our second donation to Asylum Welcome‘s food bank. It’s a small local charity that supports asylum seekers and refugees in Oxford. When we attended the refugees welcome march back in September one of the focuses of the talks was on practical ways in which we can support refugees when they arrive. We don’t have room to take an asylum seeker into our home or foster an unaccompanied child (as much as I’d love to do these things), so our contribution is to pick up a few extra bits when food shopping and donate them to Asylum Welcome’s food bank.

I’ve been a bit slack with promoting my blog recently and my stats have really dropped. I was getting stressed about my self-imposed routine and putting in so many hours to promote the blog, it was taking me away from actually writing decent content. So this week I’ve reminded myself what my blog is really all about- documenting our lives and T’s childhood, not sticking to posting certain things on certain days. If I don’t feel like posting for a few days, that’s fine. If no one reads my posts, that’s fine too (well, mostly!).

In other blogging news, I’m in the very early stages of an exciting new project. I’m not going to say any more at the moment, but I will keep you posted if there are further developments!

On Sunday we went over to my parents’ house and spent the afternoon catching up with one of my brothers who was home for a few days. It was great to see him and for T to spend time with two of his uncles. Playing poker is a bit of a family tradition (I think it’s the only card game we all know how to play, although I’m always a little sketchy on the rules), so while T was having a nap, my brothers got out the playing cards. We hadn’t finished our game when T woke up, so he joined us and had a lot of fun playing with the automatic card shuffler!

This week it’s really hit me that T isn’t a baby any more. This probably sounds a bit daft but it seems as though he’s a little boy all of a sudden, and for me the picture of him in his big boy coat symbolises this moment of realisation. Is this something that other people have experienced?

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