My Week at a Glance #4

  1. Week at a glance #41. I’m an auntie! 2. My little scientist (copyright Oxford BabyLab). 3. My first attempt at giving blood. 4. S’s new tattoo has turned him into House. 5. T met his little cousin for the first time. 6. Blowing bubbles.

Big news this week- on Tuesday I became an auntie! My brother’s wife gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy, L. I woke up to a Whatsapp message from my brother with a picture of my gorgeous nephew! I wasn’t expecting to get that news for another week or so because he wasn’t due until the following day, so it was a lovely surprise.

On Wednesday I took T along to the Oxford BabyLab. It’s part of the university that carries out psychology studies on babies and young children. We’ve been a few times before and it’s always fascinating to see how T responds to the different tests. This time it was about language development and problem solving. We did a similar language development study at 12 months and filled in a questionnaire showing which words T understands and which he can say- it was so amazing to see how much more he understands at 18 months!

Friday saw my first ever attempt at giving blood, which you can read more about here. It really is something that I feel everyone should do if they are able. It’s an hour out of your day that could save someone’s life.

S got a new tattoo this week. It’s the first one he’s had on his leg and he didn’t realise that it would swell up afterwards. So he’s been limping around for days now with an attitude that could rival Hugh Laurie’s House. Being the doting wife that I am, I’ve gone from laughing to exasperation to teasing.

On Saturday T and I got to meet baby L. I loved the newborn snuggles, but it was also a stark reminder of just how hard having a newborn is. It made me wonder how I would ever cope with looking after T and a newborn if we’re lucky enough to have baby number 2 one day. I guess you cope because you don’t have any choice.

Sir Limps-a-lot managed to stop being a grump long enough to blow bubbles with T on Sunday. T loves bubbles and has just learnt how to say it. He was so excited when he was able to blow some bubbles himself too!

How was your week?

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