My week at a glance #2

Week at a glance 21. Back to work. 2. Rainy day fun. 3. Bloody spiders. 4. Inflatable obstacle course. 5. My little monkey wanted to play with toys he has at home. 6. Feeding bunny. 7. Coffee with my boys. 8. Picking tomatoes. 9. Happy birthday, Grandad.

After our week off work last week, it was back to reality for S and I this week. Although I enjoy my job, I love spending time with my boy more. I always think that my job will still be there in 20 years time but I only get one chance to enjoy T’s childhood. Oh well, maybe we’ll win the lottery or something.

Tuesday was a bit rainy and miserable so T and I stayed at home. We did a jigsaw and had lots of cuddles- he has been in a particularly cuddly mood this week.

Last week I mentioned that I really hate that autumn brings all the massive spiders in the house for some reason. I was up late blogging this week when a spider the size of a small dog ran across the living room floor. I shouted for S and when he didn’t answer, I rang his mobile and woke him up. He grumpily (and half-arsed) looked for the spider and declared it vanished before going back up to bed. Just before midnight (when he was on the verge of going back to sleep, he later told me) the dog-spider reappeared and he managed to be my knight in shining armour.

On Thursday we went to Monkey Mayhem at a local leisure centre. It was a fab session with an inflatable obstacle course and bouncy castle, although T spent the whole time playing with toys that he has at home!

T has had a bit of an obsession with a bunny garden ornament the last few days. It’s pretty heavy but he’s insisted on carrying it around with him and has been sharing his food with it, bless.

I’ve confirmed that he’s still terrified of the hoover, but he loved helping Daddy unpack the shopping on Saturday. Then in the afternoon we went for a fancy coffee and a cheeky gingerbread man, followed by feeding the ducks and a quick play in the park, lovely.

On Sunday afternoon we went round to my parents’ house. T helped to pick the last of Mum’s tomatoes then we had one of her legendary roast dinners accompanied by an expensive bottle of red that we toasted my Grandad with: it would have been his birthday this week but he died last year.

Not a bad week overall, how was yours?

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