Tractors and bin lorries: Ordinary Moments

This week, it’s been amazing to see how this little boy’s love of anything with wheels (the bigger the better) has affected his speech. It wasn’t that long ago that I was starting to get worried when he hadn’t said a single word at 16 months.



His first really clear word other than mama and dada has been wow! He’s been so excited this week, bless him, he’s not stopped saying wow! We went to soft play and all he wanted to do was play with the toy trucks and bin lorries. Then later in the week we went to 4 Kingdoms Activity Farm in Hampshire and he spotted a tractor. Wow!



At soft play there were lots of toy diggers and bin lorries. T LOVES bin lorries. Every Friday when he hears the bin lorry he runs out to the kitchen and points up at the window for me to lift him up. One of the bin men looks out for us now and always waves to little T as they go past. As the bin lorry lifts up the bins we always say, “tip,” as it tips the bins into the back. While T was playing with the toy bin lorries I realised he was not only saying “wow!” but also “dup” as he lifted up the scoops. So cute.



At 4 Kingdoms we were walking outside when suddenly my excited little toddler shouted “wow” and started pointing at a tractor, then said “didda” (digger)! I couldn’t believe it, another new word! I’ve since realised he hasn’t quite figured it out because he also said “didda” to a bus and a van. But still, such amazing progress in a week.

20150917_120146I always knew I’d love hearing him speak, but it just absolutely melts my heart! He’s got a lot more words to learn, so new words are going to become a very ordinary thing, but at the moment, each new word is so precious, and gives a little insight into his interests and personality.

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2 thoughts on “Tractors and bin lorries: Ordinary Moments

  1. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Aw bless him, sounds like he is doing great with his speech and you watch I bet it will just explode overnight now. My eldest was speaking full sentences around 15 months, whereas my youngest hardly spoke a word till 2. At 2.5 she is now chatting four or five words together and it is so sweet to hear her babbling away. It’s all of a sudden just clicked and we can’t shut her up! 😉 x

    • Helen

      Aww, that’s lovely. It’s must be amazing to see how well she’s doing now 🙂 I love hearing all the words he’s started coming out with, and you’re right, his speech is developing so quickly now it’s started 🙂 x


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