Picking strawberries: Summer Days

Nothing says British summer to me more than strawberries. This week, T and I picked some strawberries from the plant in our garden. As much as I’d love to have a proper vegetable patch, our garden is much too small (and I’m much too lazy), so not long after we moved in we put in one tiny strawberry plant which has proceeded to take over one side of our garden. T loves picking the strawberries but is not a big fan of eating them. I think they’re delicious, so different from strawberries in the supermarket- small, incredibly sweet but with a hint of sour, almost like sherbet. T gamely tried a couple, but his scrunched up little face told me that they were not going to become a firm favourite.


T squished most of the strawberries that he picked, but here is our little harvest.


My only concern with teaching him that we eat things we find in the garden is a repeat of beetle-gate. But hopefully the fact that he doesn’t really like the strawberries will discourage him from eating any more unsuspecting insects…

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Summer days

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