Park Life: Summer Days

We were having a bit of a rubbish day on Monday. T was being a grump and having strops about every little thing and I was trying to finish a blog post meaning I was being a less than attentive Mummy. The house was a mess and we had no food in because I hadn’t even got dressed let alone managed a food shop.

Come 4 o’clock I decided it was time to try and salvage the day and be a slightly less crap Mum. So I got dressed(!), switched my phone off and we set off for the park.

It can really turn a day around, being outside, getting some fresh air and just enjoying my boy’s company. T goes from being a clingy, stroppy monster into a happy, cheeky, funny little boy as soon as he feels the sun on his face and the breeze through his hair, it’s like magic. This in turn makes me relax, my shoulders drop and I become a better version of me.

Even at just 15 months, T is such a little boy. He’s obsessed with trains, lorries, buses, anything with wheels, so when he saw this wooden train at the park, he ran over to it, pointing and making his cute excited ‘ooooh!’ noise.


IMG_2707He sat playing on it for ages, the biggest smile on his face, rocking from side to side. Then, just as I was trying to get some nice shots (I’ve just discovered aperture, what a revelation!), he decided to do a runner!


IMG_2717So we went and played on the roundabout for a bit before a couple of bumps to the head and the first spots of rain from the ominous grey clouds meant it was time to go home.




IMG_2727We returned home, refreshed and happier (in spite of the bumps) and 30 minutes in the park meant that the day was no longer a write off (what on earth am I going to do with him in the winter?!).

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Summer days

6 thoughts on “Park Life: Summer Days

  1. Karen (@karenjwhitlock)

    That park looks great! I would have loved (still would) to have had a little train to play on at my local park when I was a kid.
    I love T’s “Junior Scientist” t-shirt!! Where can I get one of those from?
    Thanks for linking up to #SummerDays again – hope you can join in next week!
    Karen (@karenjwhitlock) recently posted…Dodging the showersMy Profile

    • Helen Post author

      It was T’s favourite bit of the park, he kept coming back to it! I love his t-shirt too! He got it for taking part in a ‘Baby Lab’ study at the local university, don’t know if you can buy them anywhere 🙁


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