Little T at 22 months

Little T, you’re getting so grown up, I look at you and wonder where my baby went.

This month you’ve started to speak in sentences. Well, you’re putting two words together. I love how it gives a little more insight into what you’re thinking. We get, ‘byebye Daddy’ ‘oh-no digdig’ (oh no, your toy digger broke) and ‘I-love-you cake’. You say I-love-you Daddy, cake and tip (truck), but when I say ‘do you love Mummy?’, I get ‘oh Mummy’!

T 22 months aYou’ve learnt how to say ‘go away’ (‘way’) which is just a little heartbreaking when it’s aimed at me. You’ve also gotten really bossy and like to tell us off if we’re not playing your game right or singing a song you don’t like (‘no!’). It started by you telling off the neighbour’s cat when it was trying to come into our house!

T 22 months iYou’re still fascinated by cats and are always pretending to be one. I’ve mentioned before how your toy cat is your constant companion at bedtime. One day when I was grating some cheese for our dinner, you came in and asked for some. I gave you some cheese but some fell on the floor. I said, ‘we don’t eat food off the floor,’ which you seemed to accept and went back out of the kitchen. Then you came back in as a cat, mioawed, and put your little face to the floor and started eating the cheese like a cat! It was so funny I couldn’t tell you off!

T 22 months bYou’re starting to enjoy pretend play this month. You were fascinated when Mummy pretended to eat some toy sausages off a little barbeque and then wanted to play again and again, pretending to pass me the sausages. You’ve discovered a love of bouncing this month. Bouncy castles, the bed, the sofa, if you can bounce on it, you will. You’ve also developed a really cute habit of beeping when you walk backwards (reversing!).

T 22 months cMummy and T went on a day out to 4 Kingdoms Activity Farm one cold, sunny Wednesday in January. We were literally the only ones there! We had a really lovely day, you loved the tractors and the pedal go-karts (which you thought were tractors) and we saw lots of animals (including baby bunnies, squee!) and some ducks swimming in the one small bit of the pond that wasn’t covered in ice.

T 22 months e

T 22 months d

T 22 months f

T 22 months g

T 22 months hYou were poorly again this month. A cold ended in a viral wheeze and then diarrhoea that has seemed to last forever. It’s made potty training a bit more challenging to say the least! You’re doing so well at it though, you’ll always do something on the potty but you don’t ask to go, so it’s down to Mummy to offer it at the right times at the moment.

As well as cats, you’re obsessed with ‘Ollie the little white van’ at the moment too. You will watch the same episode again and again (often the one with the helicopter and train in). You also do the cutest little face when we sing the theme tune to it!

Love you to the moon and back,

Mummy xx


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