Little T at 21 months

I’m at little late with this month’s update, I don’t know where the time’s going! Another month gone already, you really are changing so fast at the moment, your speech especially is exploding. In the last few days you’ve learnt to say ‘yes,’ and more importantly, ‘no!’ You find it so funny to say no to everything! At the moment I’m actually finding it quite funny too, I’m sure that won’t last though! You also say ‘please’ which is adorable, and at Christmas you went round everyone signing thank you and kissing everyone.

T 21 months g

T 21 months iSome other cute things you’ve been saying are ‘oh no!’ when you drop something (or ‘oh cra’ if Mummy drops something, oops!), ‘bye bye’ and ‘again’! Again is a bit of a favourite of ours- it means we end up reading the same book over and over because the moment we get to the end you’ll say, ‘again!’

You’ve also learnt how to say your name, well you say ‘didi,’ sorry for giving you a name that’s so hard to say!

A less positive time this month was the day we spent in hospital. You’d had a cold for a few days and seemed okay when I left for work in the morning but when I phoned Daddy to say I’d be late home he said you really weren’t well. You were wheezy and breathing fast and I was quite worried about you but decided to wait until the morning to take you to the doctor. The GP gave you a nebuliser but that didn’t work so off we went to A and E. You had 30 puffs on an inhaler and then we had to wait to see how long you could go before needing to use the inhaler again. You lasted 4 hours so we went home with an inhaler regime of 10 puffs every 4 hours. You were such a happy little boy at A and E, playing with all the new toys (apart from when a horrible bigger boy pushed you over completely unprovoked- it took all of Mummy’s willpower not to push him over). The doctors said it was a viral wheeze and you may or may not get it again next time you get a cold.

T 21 months dAnother big thing that happened this month was that you stopped breastfeeding. You’d appeared less interested for a few weeks and seemed to have forgotten how to latch. So I tried to teach you how to latch properly by opening your mouth wide, but you tended just to play around for a few minutes. It seemed like it was time to stop. I felt sad about it, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. You have a cup of milk before bed instead of a breastfeed and are generally pretty happy with that although you do sometimes still ask for ‘boob.’

You’ve absolutely loved your second Christmas and playing with all your new toys- especially your bin lorries (‘tip’). Daddy had a week off between Christmas and New Year so you’ve had a couple of daddy-son days that I think you’ve both really enjoyed. You amazed us over Christmas when one of your uncles asked you what colour a green car was and you said, ‘green.’ We didn’t realise you knew colours! It turns out that green is the only colour you know so whenever you’re asked what colour something it’s always green!

T 21 months f

T 21 months e

T 21 months cWe had a lovely day out at Crocodiles of the World between Christmas and New Year with some friends. You were very cute looking at all the crocodiles although you got quite a fright when you spotted one out of its enclosure! Fortunately it was made of metal so couldn’t do us too much harm.

T 21 months h

T 21 months bI’m looking forward to what the next month will bring.

All my love,

Mummy xx

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