Little T at 2 years old

I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while (you’re actually 25 months now!). I’ll try to claim it’s because I’ve been too busy, but in reality I think I’m just not ready for my baby boy to be 2.

You seemed to practically change overnight on the day of your second birthday. You’re still my cheeky, affectionate little man, but you seem to be growing in confidence and independence, as well as becoming much more stubborn!

IMG_0848You’ve been coming out with the cutest little phrases. Some of our favourites are, ‘I’ll ge’ it’, ‘Mummy cuuuuuggles’, ‘help me!’ and ‘hand on boob’. The last one is what you say when we’re having a cuddle and you reach down the front of my top! It must be a leftover feeling of comfort from breastfeeding (even though it’s been 5 months since we stopped), and it’s cute but a little embarrassing in public!

Your confidence has grown massively in recent weeks. You quite often talk to strangers now; you told a lady in Sainsbury’s that we were buying ‘cake, happy birthday Daddy’ (Daddy’s birthday cake) and you told a little girl that you were carrying ‘happies’ (nappies). It’s so cute, and it’s lovely to see you getting more confident, but Mummy does often have to translate what you’re saying as, although I know what you’re saying 80-90% of the time, your speech really isn’t that clear yet for people who don’t know you.

IMG_1069You’re finally figuring out counting. For ages when you were counting things you would count, “two, three, two, three,” now you can count to six. You’re getting good at colours too- you know green, red, purple, orange, yellow, grey and black. You can’t seem to remember blue though!

You’ve started saying a couple of things recently which are less welcome developments. You frequently tell us, “No, go” if you don’t like what we’re saying. You’ve also started describing things as, “yuck.” This usually relates to food, but sometimes it will be aimed at me or Daddy.

Daddy came back from South Africa the day before your birthday. It’s been a huge adjustment for you having Daddy back and, even though you’re still a Mummy’s boy at heart, Daddy is at least getting a look in. Now that your relationship is getting back on track, Daddy is starting to get cuddles and kisses too.

IMG_1004You love diggers, trucks, cranes, tractors, bin lorries and trains. Going for a walk near a building site is one of the most exciting things we can do. You also love making mud pies and jumping in puddles, and stories (especially ones about diggers and tractors). In the car you love Mummy to sing to you, but it has to be the song that you want (you’ll hum it to me first), and usually it has to be repeated so often that Mummy ends up making up extra lyrics just to stop herself getting completely bored.



Little T 24 months aYou love making up funny little games too. You got a doll and buggy for your birthday and like to pretend you’re going to the shops to buy apples. You run off down the hall then come back and hand Mummy the apples. Then you’ll go and buy bananas or potatoes or bread or anything else that comes into your head. Sometimes you’ll have to wait to cross the road or wait for the bus!

Tonight you played a really cute game where you ended up spilling imaginary custard all over the floor. You found it hilarious, although you did get a bit upset when Mummy said you needed to clean up the mess!

IMG_0966You still go to football (‘kick-goal’) every week and you absolutely love it. It’s been amazing to see your progress over the past 8 weeks or so. You’re getting so good at following the coaches’ instructions.

You’re getting more fussy with your food (I didn’t even think that was possible!). You won’t even try anything new and you’re not a fan of things mixed together or in sauces (unless it’s pasta, obvs). Mummy worries about your diet because you are small for your age- you’ve only just started to fit 18-24 month clothes, and you are quite skinny. Both me and Daddy are slim builds so you were never going to be massive, but you do seem a lot smaller than your friends.

IMG_0877Life is going to change massively for us soon when your baby brother or sister comes along in July. I know you’re going to be the most amazing big brother and I can’t wait to see your relationship develop. You’re so gentle around my bump and love feeling baby kick. You want to share your toys with baby and always point our which one is baby’s car/aeroplane/bike in your picure book. You know that it will be baby’s birthday next, as you, Mummy and Daddy have all had our birthdays in April and May.

You’ve been poorly yet again this month. You developed a viral wheeze after a cold which almost got us sent to the hospital again. Fortunately you were such a good boy at the doctor’s and sat with the noisy nebuliser on your face for 10 minutes (distracted by ‘Ollie the little white van’ on Youtube) so your breathing had improved enough that we were sent away with a prescription for some medication to hopefully stop you getting so wheezy again.

Love you so much little man,

Mummy xx

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