Little T at 19 months

Little T, this month it hit me like a lightening bolt that you’re really not a baby any more. The way you move, the way you want to play on your own sometimes, the fact that the number of words you say seems to be growing every day- you’re very much a little boy now. Although it made me a bit sad, it’s so incredible to see the wonderful little man that you’re becoming.

T 19 months 4You’ve learnt quite a few new words this month. The other week we counted the words you say and it’s over twenty now. Recent favourites are apple, cheese, bus, ball and bear. You’ve also started repeating words after us now. I still love how you say ‘Mummum’, although we’ve had a few variations of it as well- Mimi, Moomee, Mama- so, so cute.

You’re such a sweet, loving little boy. When someone is, or pretends to be, sad or hurt, you have this cute little concerned face and give them a sympathetic hug. For some reason you are obsessed with my legs at the moment and if you see me getting changed, you have to rush over and give them a cuddle and a kiss!

A few weeks ago in Sainsbury’s I walked up an aisle to fetch something we’d missed, leaving you in the trolley. As I was walking back to you, you got so excited and did your two-handed wave. When I got back to you, you reached up to me and gave me the most lovely hug. Then you kept wanting to kiss me as we carried on shopping. You can turn the most mundane things into the highlight of my day.

Unfortunately for poor Daddy, you are still very much a Mummy’s boy. I know that one day you will be all about Daddy instead so I really cherish the special bond we have, but I also see it breaking Daddy’s heart a little each time you refuse to cuddle him and go to me instead.

T 19 months 2

T 19 months 1You love climbing which I’m pretty sure is going to cause Mummy to have a heart attack one of these days! You can climb onto our bed and then onto the bedside table (a particular favourite), you use your ride-on train to climb onto a table in your bedroom, and at Grandma and Grandad’s house you can climb onto their dining table! You giggle so much when I call you my little monkey, then you make monkey noises.

Your strange fears continue. The other day you were absolutely terrified of a particular paving slab in the garden path and refused to walk over it unless Mummy was holding your hand. You freaked out if you accidentally went near it. At first I thought you didn’t like the leaves and the dead worm on it so I moved them (there is literally no one else in the world that I would have moved that dead worm for), but you were still petrified of it hours later!

A favourite game at mealtimes is when Daddy pretends that his hand is a dinosaur that comes and eats any crumbs on your tray and pretends to drink your drink. You use your little hands to pretend to be a dinosaur, and often this game is the only way we can convince you to eat some more dinner!

Your eating is a bit hit or miss. You always seem to eat really well at Grandma and Grandad’s house, but you often chew Mummy’s food for a bit before regurgitating it- it’s pretty disgusting. You are becoming a little less fussy, but only when you’ve seen food quite a few times before.

T 19 months 5Your second Halloween was much more successful than last year when you were terrified of the trick or treaters. We had family pumpkin carving time where you had no interest in the pumpkin carving but loved scooping the pumpkin flesh from one bowl to another. You loved the finished pumpkin and kept making your sweet little cat noise at it! You wore a skeleton outfit and your favourite job was to carry the bowl of sweets and offer it to the trick or treaters when they came to the door. You insisted on sitting on the bottom stair and waiting for the doorbell instead of playing in the living room. Mummy made “boo”-nana pops (which were yummy) and jelly worms/entrails (which were not).Halloween 2015We’re continuing in a kind of half-hearted way to potty train you. Sometimes you refuse to go on the potty, but when you do sit on it you will usually do a wee. You amazed me the other day when you tried to put your toilet seat on then did a wee and a poo in the toilet! There was a slight incident involving your hand in the toilet when Mummy turned her back to get some toilet paper, though!

We’ve finally had to buy you another pair of shoes, you are now a size 4. This time they are proper shoes instead of cruiser shoes and they make you look so grown up.

You had a bit of a sleep regression just after you turned 18 months, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as your sleep used to be every night. Now you will sometimes wake up a few times in the night needing a quick cuddle to go back to sleep. Mummy is more than happy to oblige. You seemed to have a nightmare the other evening; you woke up screaming and seemed absolutely terrified. It took a lot of cuddles and reassurance to get you back to sleep. But whatever we do you seem to hate nap time. We always have to have a little bit of screaming when we’re getting you ready for your nap.

T at 19 months 3Love you to the moon and back,

Mummy xx

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20 thoughts on “Little T at 19 months

    • Helen Post author

      Thanks Laura! I’ll admit I did have a little cry when I realised all of a sudden that he’s not a baby any more! But he really is such an amazing little person, it’s so great to see him learning and growing the whole time xx

  1. A Moment with Franca

    This is so beautiful! He is doing really well! For how long have you been potty training him? I’ve just started to potty training Sienna, she will be 15 months next week but I don’t think she gets it yet! I’m constantly talking about it so she understands but we are in early stages yet. She is also starting to say more words although for her must be difficult as I speak only in Spanish and daddy in English. I wasn’t that strict with Bella (5 yo now) and she didn’t get it that well so now I’m trying that Sienna learns Spanish since now. Your photos are so cute!! He is really lovely!! Love your pumpkin!! It looks fab!! And his Halloween custome is really cute!! Thanks for sharing this, 🙂 xx
    A Moment with Franca recently posted…A lovely Sunday Afternoon in Golders Hill ParkMy Profile

    • Helen Post author

      Thanks for your lovely comments, Franca! We’ve been sitting him on the potty for a few months now since we realised he was able to control going for a wee. We’re not really pushing it, just letting him take the lead. Some days he refuses to sit on the potty, other days he can end up being dry for several hours- it’s very hit or miss!

      That will be so amazing if she can be bi-lingual from the start. My little nephew will be brought up bi-lingual, I really wish we spoke another language!

  2. Chloe

    It’s so good to read about someone the same age as Evie. She too has started having nightmares and went through a bit of a sleep regression after 18 months. She’s also clingier to me than Jamie and she is hit and miss with food. It’s good to hear that it’s all normal. We’re not potty training yet, we’re a bit behind with all of that, but we definitely need to start soon. He sounds so adorable!!! It’s so sweet that he’s so loving too. xx

    • Helen Post author

      I really like reading updates about other children too! Like you say, it makes you realise that everyone goes through the same challenges!

      We’re only really potty training part time- he’s nowhere near getting out of nappies but I just want to get him used to the idea of using the toilet/potty before he turns into a stubborn 2 year old!

  3. Sarah HP

    Aww this is so cute and detailed – these are totally the little things that you might forget as the years go by, its almost like a modern version of a baby book. Sounds like a lovely month – well done with the potty training success my boys have no interest what so ever!
    Sarah HP recently posted…A birthday poem for my twinsMy Profile

    • Helen Post author

      I really worry about forgetting these little details of T’s childhood, which is one of the main reasons for starting the blog. We have a lovely baby book on the shelf which never gets filled in, but somehow I’m managing to write an update every month on the blog!

      Your boys will get there in their own time 🙂 T is nowhere near ready to be out of nappies, I just wanted to introduce the idea of a potty when I became aware that he could control it. I was asking him to wee in his nappy before his bath so I thought I’d just sit him on the toilet instead, and it kind of went from there!

    • Helen Post author

      Thanks lovely 🙂 he’s pretty cute! We’re only very part time potty training at the moment, just really getting him used to the idea xx

  4. Mummy Lala

    What a cutie! Your pictures are so adorable.

    I love reading updates on little children, especially those that are a bit older than Rowan (16 months).

    It’s interesting to see what we’ve got to come and it also often gives me little tips and also more often than not, that it’s not just me going through funny phases with thing like feeding, sleeping, talking. It definitely eases some worries I have.

    Rowan is so unbelievably picking with his food, if it was up to him all he’d want to eat would be grapes, raisins, pasta,,yoghurt and the good old Babybel. I make him so many different meals and try and tempt him with things but he’s not interested, it’s quite disheartening sometimes. It’s nice to know that it’s not just Rowan being fussy, it’s pretty much ALL toddlers.

    It sounds like he’s doing brilliantly with his speech, 20 words is fantastic Well done 🙂

    Your little boy sounds like such a loving person, the Supermarket story is so cute.

    Looking forward to reading his next update.

    Laura x #WhatMyKidDid
    Mummy Lala recently posted…The Stay at Home Crowd #1My Profile

    • Helen Post author

      I love reading other toddler’s updates too, it’s great to know that other people are experiencing the same problems as us!

      It’s so amazing to hear him speaking finally. I know that other 19 month olds can say a lot more that 20 words, but considering he didn’t say his first word until he was 16 months, his speech is developing so fast and I’m so proud of him!

    • Helen Post author

      Thank you! I’m so proud of him. It is so lovely when he only wants Mummy, but I know I’d be heartbroken if it was the other way around. Xx

  5. Clare

    Helen, this is beautiful! I read it with Goosebumps the whole way through! I really want to start a little update on the boys every few months and I think you have just inspired the way to do it. It is just so beautiful! xx
    Clare recently posted…6 month blogiversaryMy Profile

    • Helen Post author

      Wow, thank you, Clare! You should definitely start doing it for your boys, I think it’s something you’ll be glad you did in years to come 🙂 xx


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