Little T at 18 months

My little man, I can’t believe you’re 18 months already! You’re such a bright, loving boy. You’re always cuddling and kissing your toys, random signposts, garden ornaments, as well as Mummy, sometimes. Whenever you see a picture of a baby you do a cute smile and try to kiss it. This bodes well for meeting your brand new cousin when he arrives this month (and for baby number 2, eventually).

You’re a real Mummy’s boy, to the point where it’s starting to get Daddy down. We’re trying to help your relationship with Daddy by having him do some of your bedtimes now and having more Daddy-son time too.


S and T in nature reserveYou’re still scared of the hoover and we’ve now discovered that you’re scared of the dentist. You’re very unsure around new people; it takes you a good hour or so before you stop wanting to cling to Mummy. I really hope you’re not going to get my shyness, but if you do, I’ll do all I can to build up your confidence and not let it hold you back.

20150920_131539Your speech is developing so quickly now, you’re coming out with new words all the time. The most recent are ‘oh dear’ and ‘Mummum’. You finally say Mummy now, and you say it with such love and a cute little smile on your face, it completely melts my heart. You can sign please and thank you (thanks, Mr Tumble!) and you can say ‘ta!’

You’ve developed a proper filthy old man laugh! It’s so funny to hear it coming out your sweet little mouth!

T in CostaIf you’re looking around for something you’ll say ‘umm’ and if we ask you what time it is you hold your arm up as if you’re looking at a watch, you think it’s hilarious, as do we! You like to shh people too, although I’m sure you don’t really mean it when Mummy’s singing…

20150922_172702Before you eat your food you blow on it now because you always see Mummy and Daddy doing it. You’re very thorough and do it for all your food, hot or cold.

You’ve started pretending that your toys are eating and drinking, while making the noises. The cutest time was when you held bunny up to Mummy’s booby and made a drinking noise (you’re still breastfeeding). You also love to pretend to drink Mummy’s tea from her cup once it’s empty.


20150927_123503You love spinning round in circles until you’re dizzy and fall over. You love to climb on everything and to run around with your toy lawnmower.

You’ve worked out how to switch on your toys meaning we’re often surrounded by a cacophony of plastic toys singing at us.20150922_132040

20150919_150721Your favourite toys are your cars and your train, and you are obsessed with tractors, lorries and buses, shouting ‘wow!’ whenever you see one. At the park your favourite is the slide, you always turn around and slide down on your tummy. You’re not really interested in the swings.




20150904_130407You think our neighbour’s cat is really funny. You run over to it and point and laugh. You don’t like it if it gets too close though, and you’ll back away if it comes near you.

You’re still tiny and cute. Last time we weighed you, you were on the 9th centile. You’re still wearing your size 3 shoes we bought you just after your birthday. You still fit in your 9-12 month clothes, although you can wear most of your 12-18 month clothes now. You’re also still in your infant carrier car seat.


IMG_0019You’re sleeping so well now. You take a while to go down in your co-sleeper cot (with lots of cuddles, stories and singing from Mummy or Daddy) but once you’re asleep you generally sleep all night from 8 until 7. You also have a 2 hour nap in the late morning, which lets Mummy get some blogging done!

You’re my world and I hope I tell you often enough just how much I adore you.

All my love,

Mummy xx

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7 thoughts on “Little T at 18 months

    • Helen Post author

      I love having this record of him as he grows up, just wish I’d been better at doing it before I started my blog! I wonder why they don’t like the swings, I still like to go on the swings if no one’s watching! I must admit I’m pretty slow at replacing the batteries when they run out…

    • Helen Post author

      I know and I’m really dreading it! As much as I feel guilty and sorry for S, part of me does love how much of a Mummy’s boy he is at the moment!


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