Little T at 16 months


You’re 16 months old now. We’re still eagerly anticipating your first word, but a lack of words does not mean a lack of communication, far from it. This has been the month that you’ve learnt to nod your head for ‘yes’. You’ve been shaking your head for ‘no’ for a while now, so it has been lovely for our conversations to have a more positive feel; finding out the things you do want, not only those you don’t.

You’ve extended your repertoire of signs/noises you make for animals to include dinosaur (same as tiger/lion), dog, cat, frog and bunny.

If I ask you to do something you don’t want to do, you blow raspberries and, if you’re really angry, you will literally shake with rage (which is so cute it’s hard not to laugh). If you want me to get up and move somewhere, you will walk behind me and push my back so I have to get up.

You can be so affectionate too. You’re just learning how to do proper kisses, but I hope you carry on doing your open mouth, dribbly baby kisses a little longer. You’ve also started to come up to me and wrap your arms round my neck for a cuddle; cuddles used to be just your little head nuzzling me.

You love to dance and are starting to do actions to ‘incy, wincy spider,’ ‘twinke, twinkle, little star,’ ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ and ‘5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.’

Your memory amazes me. You remember things from weeks ago. You know the names of lots of body parts and can do a happy and an angry face when asked.

Mummy and Daddy bought you a Scuttlebug this month. You’ve figured out how to use it and you look like such a big boy as you scuttle around the garden on it. You like to play with your shape-sorters but think Mummy is really silly for trying to get the shapes through the holes when you can just take the lid off. They go in much easier that way!

When you’re really happy you do a crescendo of da-da-da, getting louder and more high pitched as you go on. It’s so cute, I don’t care if everyone in the supermarket is staring at us, you’re just telling me how happy and excited you are.

You hate getting your hands and face cleaned after a meal, and the idea of bedtime. You hate being told ‘no’ and people leaving the room/doors being closed.

You’ve spent what feels like forever teething. You’re just getting your 4th molar through now, hopefully there’ll be a little break after that. You have ten teeth at the moment, 3 molars and 7 front teeth- 4 at the top, 3 at the bottom- meaning you have a cute little lopsided smile at the moment.

Although we’ve had a few rough days recently, I love you to the moon and back, my gorgeous boy.

All my love,

Mummy xx

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