Little T at 23 months

I can’t believe this the final update before you’re two. Two! How can my baby boy be nearly two?

T 23 months a

You’re doing so well with your speech. You seem to be picking up new words at lightening pace. You’ve also started using three word sentences, the very first one being, “byebye weewee poo” as you flushed the toilet!

We’ve been staying with Grandma and Grandad for a lot of this month as Daddy is away in South Africa. You’ve loved spending so much time with your grandparents (and they with you). It’s been quite a change to our routine but you’ve adapted to it so quickly.

T 23 months b

We went on a little shopping trip into town. Mummy enjoyed having a browse around the shops, and seeing how everyone who saw you was besotted with you. You’re such a sweet, happy little boy and are so polite that you make everyone you meet smile. You were so cute on the bus going home, we went past a building site and you were so excited to see diggers and trucks and cranes. You started singing at one point (then hid behind Mummy when you realised an old lady was smiling at you). You also, out of nowhere, came out with, ‘red bus’ and ‘green bus’ and started counting, ‘one, two’! My heart was about to burst with pride.

T 23 months dYou’ve developed a love of painting this month. Before you were too upset by getting paint on your hands to enjoy painting. You always know what you’re painting (usually a train or a bin lorry, although today we had “Daddy hitting his head on the wheel of a train”), although they are still very ‘abstract.’ You’re also obsessed with football, so much so that I’ve signed you up for toddler football lessons on a Saturday morning. We’ve been to one so far and, although you were incredibly shy at the start of the lesson, you soon got into it and were almost too excited to wait your turn in the little games!

T 23 months f

You’ve been poorly yet again this month. You developed a viral wheeze after a cold which almost got us sent to the hospital again. Fortunately you were such a good boy at the doctor’s and sat with the noisy nebuliser on your face for 10 minutes (distracted by ‘Ollie the little white van’ on Youtube) so your breathing had improved enough that we were sent away with a prescription for some medication to hopefully stop you getting so wheezy again.

T 23 months e

Love you so much little man,

Mummy xx


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