Me and Mine: November 2016

For the last few months I’ve been in a very bleak place. Postnatal depression has been well and truly kicking my arse. It’s taken my soul to some dark places that I never knew existed and has made me miss out on baby A’s precious early months. However, I’m pleased to report that with the support of my family, healthcare professionals and medication, I’m finding my way back to ‘me’.

But that’s for another post. Bottom line: November has been tough. I certainly won’t be sorry to see the back of this month. Thinking about it, I won’t be sorry to see the back of this year.

We didn’t manage to take a picture for October, which I’m gutted about as I’ve got a picture for every month since July last year. The last week of November involved a lovely stomach bug that swept through our family (my poor carpet will never be the same again), meaning that I only managed to take a picture this evening.

Obviously limited to taking a picture in the house, I decided to use our bedroom. It’s where we spend the most time together as a family at the moment. Baby A is still in his co-sleeper cot with us, and we’re usually joined by little T at some point during the night.


It’s a pretty awful picture in horrible light, but I love it. Amazingly we’re all looking at the camera! Little T was being a little monkey and baby A is smiling that gorgeous smile that we see so much of. It makes me feel hopeful for a future where I’m free of my black cloud and able to enjoy my beautiful little family.

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