Me and Mine: July 2016

If I had to sum up July in one word, it would be, “waiting.” Our baby was due on the 22nd and I’d convinced myself he or she would be early. I was wrong. I held off doing my Me and Mine post, convinced that I would be taking a picture of us with our new addition.

The final few weeks of my last ever pregnancy were tough. My pelvic girdle pain was stopping me from being as active as I wanted. I couldn’t walk far, couldn’t play with T on the floor for any length of time. And then there was the weather, the glorious heatwave with temperatures above 30C for several days. I was a swollen, sweaty mess who bought a paddling pool “for the toddler” and spent several afternoons languishing in it.

In spite of this, I tried to enjoy the time I had with little T before his life got turned upside down. We went to the park, played in sandpits, went to a splash park. When my due date came and went, I made sure I had something planned for us to do every day, so that T had something nice to do and I could take my mind off the thought that I was going to be the first person who stayed pregnant forever.

Finally, on Saturday 30th July at eight days overdue I had period cramps throughout the day and knew things were starting to happen. I said to S that I hoped I would get a good night’s sleep and wake up in labour in the early hours of the Sunday morning.

At 4.30am on Sunday 31st July I woke up, went to the toilet and had a bloody show. My contractions started straight away, building gradually through the day. I decided to take one last family picture with us as a three before little T was dispatched to my parents’ house.

We ended up heading to the hospital at about 5pm and as my labour progressed we wondered whether our baby would arrive in July or August.

Our little man decided to wait and have an August birthday, so our Me and Mine picture for July is the final picture of me, S and T as a family of three, taken 16 hours before baby A was born. I was in no state for taking multiple pictures and little T wasn’t being very co-operative so I only took one picture and, although it’s far from perfect, I think it’s one I’m going to treasure forever.

07 2016

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