Me and Mine: February 2016

Well, I can’t say I’m too sad to see the back of February. It’s never my favourite month; it’s so cold and it feels like it’s been winter forever. This year February has been so much harder than normal with S being away for the last 3 1/2 weeks and not back until 1st April.

Although I’ve been staying at my parents’ for a lot of the time, we’ve been home since last Wednesday. I respected single parents before, but my admiration is at a whole new level now. I really can’t imagine looking after T by myself all the time. It’s not helped by the fact that he’s got a cold at the moment and can’t seem to sleep unless I’m next to him. This is fine during the night as we’re still co-sleeping, but it means my evenings and his naptimes are spent constantly running upstairs to reassure him and cuddle him back to sleep. So everything else, cleaning, blogging, has had to take a back seat the last few days as those are usually my only opportunities.

As well as the difficulties of not having my co-parent around, I just miss S like crazy. We’ve Skyped every single day which has helped, but I really miss cuddles and not having to cram a whole day’s worth of conversation into 15 minutes. We never usually bother with Valentine’s Day, but I missed having my husband with me that day in particular.

Our Me and Mine picture was taken in our back garden at the last minute. It was a lovely sunny day so I thought I would combine playing football with T (which he LOVES at the moment) and taking our Me and Mine portrait. When we got outside I realised just how bloody cold it was so it was a case of a couple of quick snaps then back inside!

Me and Mine February 2016So with that, February is over. Bring on March and the beginnings of Spring! I’ve also got an exciting (non-blogging) project in the pipeline and we’re on the countdown to a certain little man’s 2nd birthday and S’s return from South Africa, good times are just around the corner!

The Me and Mine Project

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