Me and Mine: September 2015

Overall September has been a better month than August. S was away with work again for the first week so T and I stayed with my parents. After he got back we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with a takeaway and a DVD (we’re so rock and roll). We also had a week off work to together so we went on a few little family outings (although spending the whole week together did result in frayed tempers and a big fight on the Sunday). S’s dad is finally out of hospital now and has carers coming in to help him at home while he gets back on his feet.

For me, blogging at the start of the month was overshadowed by the current refugee crisis. After seeing that picture of Aylan Kurdi, my blog suddenly seemed very small and insignificant compared to the plight of refugees like Aylan and his family. I couldn’t think about anything else for days. I posted my immediate raw reaction to seeing the picture, then, a couple of days later, was very proud to be part of the Save Syria’s Children campaign which saw a group of bloggers coming together to write posts and raise awareness. I wrote a blog post and stayed up until 1am to see #SaveSyriasChildren start trending on Twitter. As someone new to the blogging community, it was an incredibly humbling and life-affirming experience. I also went to the ‘refugees welcome’ demonstrations in Oxford and London, and have made charity donations. I will continue to help the refugees in any way that I can over the coming months.

I decided to get our family portrait for September when we visited 4 Kingdoms Activity Farm in Hampshire during our week off (blog post coming soon). There is a toddler village there with miniature houses, shops, bank and a fire station. T was very excited to spot Postman Pat and made a beeline for his van. So our first portrait included T’s bestie.

Us + PatI thought the first picture might not turn out great as it was in bright sunshine. I thought we would be squinting into the light and you might not be able to see T, so we tried again at the fire station.

Us at fire stationGreat. Apart from the bar right in front of T’s face. 

Me and Mine September 2015Third time lucky. I rested my camera on the fire engine from the previous picture, set the timer, grabbed T (who was driving the fire engine) and ran through the tiny door into the toddler shop. Hence my slightly manic smile, and T’s confused little face. By now my camera battery was dying so I decided this was the best we were going to get!

Just thought I would share this picture of my boys. S was very excited to pose in this Frozen picture, but I said it would look better if we included T in it too.
Frozen S and TSorry about the grainy pictures. I’ve just discovered that my camera can shoot in RAW mode, so I should be able to get better quality pictures in the future!

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