Me and Mine: May 2016

I’m a little late with May’s ‘Me and Mine’ post. The reason for this is a phone call S got just over a week ago to say his Dad had died suddenly. Following this devastating news, I’ve started my maternity leave a little earlier than planned and we’ve come up to S’s Dad’s house in Yorkshire to start doing all the things you need to do after someone dies.

As you can imagine, it’s been a horrible week for our family. I’ve found it incredibly difficult to see the man that I love in such unimaginable pain and be able to do absolutely nothing about it.

The only bright light in this very dark place is our gorgeous little boy, T. He’s managed to make his Daddy smile on some of the worst days of his life, although he’s also unintentionally upset S on a number of occasions just by doing the things that 2 year olds do.

Our Me and Mine picture for May is from a happier time when we went to Bournemouth a few weeks ago for S’s birthday.  T absolutely loved the beach and could have played in the sand for hours (That day I also learnt the hard way not to take a DSLR to the beach- I still haven’t got all the sand out the case!).

Me and Mine May 16

As T loved the beach so much, we’ve taken a little break from funeral arrangements and sorting out the house today to enjoy the sunshine in Whitby, one of S’s Dad’s favourite places, it’s just a shame he wasn’t with us to enjoy it.



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