Me and Mine: July 2015

This is my first time joining in the me and mine linky with Dear Beautiful. We’re so rubbish at taking pictures of all three of us, so I think this is a brilliant idea to get a family portrait every month.

The first word that comes to mind when describing this month is weddings.

The first wedding was at the beginning of the month when S was best man for one of his closest friends. It was so lovely to see them finally getting married after over a decade together. They’ve been through so much together and it was wonderful to see them finally become man and wife (not that I actually saw that bit- see my post about the differences between weddings before and after children).

I really wanted to get a picture of us all when we were looking smart. It was a very hot day and S was busy for a long time with best manly duties meaning that before I had a chance for a picture, the boys had lost their waistcoats and suit jackets. The only family pictures we managed to get were during the disco when T was exhausted and just a tad grumpy.



Never mind, though, we had another opportunity to try and get better pictures when my brother got married a few weeks later. This was a small family wedding which was beautiful in its simplicity, celebrating the love that they share as a couple and the baby that will soon be joining them. After the ceremony we tried again for a decent family photo, unfortunately T was much more interested in running off and exploring than posing for pictures.

Us at J&M's Wedding

Us at J&M's wedding2

Uncooperative toddler: 2, Mummy: 0. Here’s hoping we fare better with August’s picture!

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    • Helen Post author

      Thank you! I loved finding the cute little suit for T, so much so that I forgot to sort out my outfit until the night before the first wedding! x


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