Me and Mine: January 2016

Here we are already, the first Me and Mine of 2016! It’s been an exciting start to the year with our announcement that our family’s line-up is going change this year with the arrival of our second child in July.

Well it turns out there are going to be some other changes too. S has just found out that he will be working in Cape Town for two months, leaving next weekend. We’re going to miss him like crazy so we’re enjoying our last weekend together until April.

The weather’s been so awful this month that I didn’t think I was going to get a decent Me and Mine picture. Then yesterday there was some gorgeous winter sunshine and I happened to have my camera in my bag so when we stopped for lunch at a garden centre I seized the opportunity and got our picture on a patch of grass next to the car park with the camera perched on the changing bag!

I got a really lovely picture of S and T, but I don’t think I had the settings quite right for our family picture so it was overexposed. A little editing later and it’s better but not perfect. I need a bit more practice I think!

T and S Jan 16

Me and Mine Jan 16

Hope you’ve had a good start to 2016!

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9 thoughts on “Me and Mine: January 2016

    • Helen Post author

      The light was gorgeous, I don’t think I’ve done it justice in the pictures though! I’m really pleased I got that picture of S and T, I really love it. Xx

  1. Hannah

    Congratulations on your baby news, how exciting! We made the most of the winter sunshine too, I love the light in your photos. I hope these two months pass quickly and you are back togehter soon xx


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