Me and Mine August 2015

August hasn’t been great this year, to be honest. The start of the month saw us making an unplanned trip to see S’s dad who was critically ill in a hospital 5 hours from where we live. It’s not been a straightforward recovery as he bounced back into intensive care a couple of times since then, and is still in HDU at the moment.

S spent a week away with work so T and I stayed at my parents’ house. I’ve also done a few extra shifts at work as we’re very short staffed at the moment (and we could do with the extra money). This all means that it’s felt as though we’ve not had much quality time together as a family.

So it was lovely to spend Saturday together at Roves Farm in Wiltshire. Here are a couple of pictures of some cute piglets we saw (not our me and mine picture, haha!).



T wasn’t at all sure about the pigs. I was surprised because he had been so cute and excited when he saw some at Whipsnade Zoo a few months ago, but he’s a toddler so it’s no use trying to guess what he’s going to like on any given day!

He was much happier when we went into the small animal barn. We had a chat with a sheep and then I didn’t get much opportunity for pictures; he was so animated, running around looking at the different animals and squealing with excitement.




He had a playΒ in a massive sandpit, fortunately he didn’t try to eat the sand, like on our one and only trip to the beach since he was born! It’s so funny watching him because he enjoyed scooping up the sand and putting it in buckets but really doesn’t like the feel of it so refused to touch it and panicked a little if it went on his clothes.



He was so affectionate that day, bless him. I love these pictures, you can see how much he adores me and S.

Me and Mine August 2015

Me and Mine August 2015-a

Anyway, on to the Me and Mine picture, which obviously had to be next to a tractor for our little boy who’s obsessed with anything with wheels! S and I have a week off together next month; hopefully September will be a bit less stressful and we’ll have more time for fun days like this.

Me and Mine 2015-b

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17 thoughts on “Me and Mine August 2015

  1. Alex Gladwin

    Sorry to hear that August hasn’t been kind to you. I hope things improve soon for your and your family. Despite it being a bad month for you guys, I do love the family photo you managed to capture – my little boy loves tractors too! xx

    • Helen Post author

      Thank you, I’m hoping September is going to be a better month. T does love tractors (probably not as much as he loves buses and lorries, but definitely a close second!) xx

  2. Jenny

    Oh my two love tractors. Love all your cute photos and fun filled ones too despite having a tough month. So sorry to hear August hasn’t gone well but hopefully September will turn around for you all. #meandmine
    Jenny recently posted…Me & Mine {August}My Profile

  3. Jenna

    A tractor makes for a brilliant backdrop for your family portrait. πŸ™‚

    Looks like you had a fab time at Roves farm.

    I hope S’s dad is doing OK – sorry to hear that he’s not been well.


    • Helen Post author

      It really sums up the day; we got to go on a tractor ride too! Thank you, he’s had another scan so just awaiting the outcome of that at the moment.

  4. Hannah

    I really hope that S’s dad recovers well, and that September is a more positive month for you all. T looks like he had a fab time at the Farm, I love all your pictures, how cute are the piglets! x
    Hannah recently posted…Living Arrows #35My Profile

    • Helen Post author

      They were so cute! I wanted to watch them for ages, but T was so not bothered!! He did have a great time, we’re planning to make a return trip very soon, the start of a better month for September, I hope. x


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