Me and Mine: April 2016

I can’t believe April is over already! The date I was looking forward to for so long (1st April) is now 4 weeks ago! That was the day that our little family was reunited with S coming back from South Africa.

Of course it has been lovely to have S back, but I’d be lying if I said it was all hearts and flowers. 2 months without him has meant it was a pretty big adjustment for me and little T to have him back. S and I have slightly different parenting styles and when I’ve been effectively parenting T alone it’s been a little tricky to adjust to having my co-parent back. T, who tends to be a Mummy’s boy anyway, has also been so used to Mummy doing everything for him that he’s not been letting S do anything for him. It’s difficult for S and for me, as I’ve had to consciously take a step back and let them rebuild their relationship. Things are definitely improving though, and we’re slowly getting back to normal. I have the utmost respect for parents who regularly have to spend that much time apart, S is not going anywhere again in the near (or not so near) future!

April is also a month of birthdays with T on the 2nd and me on the 6th. For little T’s birthday we took him to Roves Farm in Wiltshire and had the most amazing day with him, he was talking about it for weeks afterwards! The biggest highlight for our anything-with-wheels obsessed little boy was going on a ride in a tractor’s trailer where we saw the Easter Bunny on a quadbike(!). He also really enjoyed looking at the animals (Mummy pigs and baby pigs probably being his favourite), playing in the giant sandpit (he’d previously been very unsure about sand) and running around in soft play. Even though it was a little chilly, the sun was out and we happily spent most of the day outside.

T 2nd birthday

T 2nd birthday b

My birthday was the big 3-0. Gulp. I didn’t think I was bothered about turning 30. Until I did. It suddenly hit me on the day that I’m not young any more. This year I will be a 30 year old mother of two. I think that makes me officially a grown up. It wasn’t the best start for the day when S didn’t wish me a happy birthday before we got out of bed, only when I’d got up and huffily started changing T’s nappy moaning that he could have at least said happy birthday, did he eventually think to mention it (no, I’ve not forgiven you for that yet, S). Things did rapidly improve, however, when (with T’s help) I opened my birthday presents and got my big present- my very first DSLR! In the weeks since I’ve absolutely loved playing with it. I really can’t believe how much it has improved my photography.

For my birthday we went to Lacock Abbey, a National Trust house in Wiltshire. It was a lovely day out for all of us; T loved looking for the 8 little mice that were hidden in various rooms throughout the house! The weather wasn’t great so we didn’t get to explore the grounds as much as we would have liked. But we did have a look round the photography exhibition, which was a fascinating look at the work of Fox Talbot, who lived at Lacock Abbey and was one of the early pioneers of photography, definitely worth a visit if you’re interested in photography. Apart from an incident where I missed out on the Mr Whippy I was promised (also not forgiven yet, S), I had a lovely birthday, finished by a rare evening out to an actual proper restaurant with my husband (and a cheeky glass of prosecco).

My 30th a

My 30th b

My 30th c

My 30th d

My 30th e

Here are a few of my favourite pictures I’ve taken with my DSLR (I’ve been a little obsessed!). They are from a visit to my Gran (who I’ve written about before) and my boys among blossom trees.

Gran April 2016

Gran April 2016 c

Gran April 2016 b

S and T April 2016

But, despite lots of lovely days out and some gorgeous weather, I didn’t manage to take a decent picture of the three of us. So I planned to get a nice picture of us in the garden yesterday after S got home from work. But the weather wasn’t on our side. Combine that with a sleepy toddler who’d just woken up from his nap, our Me and Mine picture ended up just being the three of us snuggled on our bed, which I guess can be just as special as all the big days out anyway.

Me and Mine April 2016

The Me and Mine Project

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      It is lovely to be back together again, and we’ve certainly got lots to look forward to over the coming months 🙂 xx


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