Happy anniversary!

Today is mine and S’s 3rd wedding anniversary.

Our marriage isn’t perfect…

Somedays a single spark is enough to ignite each of our fiery tempers resulting in a fight of apocalyptic proportions.

Your unwillingness talk about your feelings makes me determined that our little boy will grow up being open and honest about his emotions.

I have a habit of nagging and nagging until something gets done (although if you just did it the first time I asked, or even before, then I wouldn’t have to nag).

We can both be a bit lazy at times, much to the annoyance of the other person.


You’re one of the funniest people I know, one of the few who can make me laugh until I cry.

I really admire your confidence as well as your quiet strength and dignity.

You’re the most amazing Daddy, it’s truly heart warming to see how much you adore that little man.

I can be somewhat of a dreamer with grand plans; your pessimism (realism?) pisses on my bonfire without completely quelling the flames.

You don’t shout about your beliefs in the same way that I do, but your sense of justice, compassion and morality make you a truly incredible human being.

Happy anniversary to my confidante, my rock, my best friend.

3rd anniversary collage

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