Feeling like we’re the worst parents ever

I think we can both agree that we failed as parents this morning.

It seemed as though you were looking for a fight. ‘Have a f*cking lie in then.’ You knew that would press my buttons. The confrontational tone of voice and knowing that I have a real issue with swearing in front of our son.

So I kicked off and it escalated incredibly quickly, ending with you storming out the house.

Over a lie in, for god’s sake.

T was terrified. He clung to me for 20 minutes after you left, crying if I put him down. It breaks my heart to think about it. He’s just a baby, he should never have had to see that.

We really f*cked up.

You came back. We talked. We made up.

I realise there are some underlying issues and it’s hardly the first time that we’ve had such an explosive argument. But it’s never frightened T like that before. That was a wake-up call. We need to learn how to disagree without it descending into such childish behaviour.

We must never, ever fight like that again. Especially in front of T.

Let’s pledge to be more understanding of each other. More open with our feelings. Let’s explain how we’re feeling instead of snapping and swearing.

I think I need to get a bit of perspective. T seeing his parents having full blown shouting, throwing, screaming, storming out fights will be much more damaging than hearing the occasional swearword.

You need to make more effort not to swear in front of T. We’re going instigate a swear jar and hopefully see an increase in the amount of ‘fudge’ and ‘sugar’ in our house.

Mornings are never a good time for us. We’ve acknowledged that before. You’re grumpy, I’m often tired. We both need to have a bit more patience and kindness for each other, at least until we’ve had a cup of coffee.

Let’s try not to f*ck up our boy any more than we already have.

I think I’d better put a couple of quid in the swear jar after this post.

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2 thoughts on “Feeling like we’re the worst parents ever

    • Helen Post author

      Thanks Rosie 🙂 It is so hard to be parents sometimes. It absolutely broke my heart to see T so scared, I never want to do that to him again. I know he’s too young to remember now, but I really don’t want his parents fighting like that to be something he remembers from his childhood 🙁


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