Happy Fathers’ Day

One of the great things about having children is getting to see a whole new side to your partner as they carve out their new role as a parent. After 1o years together I thought I knew S pretty well, but seeing how much of a fantastic father he is to our little lad, I feel like I have seen a whole new side to him. From the moment he first lovingly cradled our newborn, through gagging at poo-splosions, to teaching and nurturing our son as he grows into a curious, happy toddler, S has proven himself to be a devoted and caring father. I fell in love with S, the man, and then all over again with S, the father.

My boys

My gorgeous boys enjoying the sunshine on Fathers’ Day


We love you so much and appreciate everything you do for us and are looking forward to celebrating many fathers’ days to come.

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