Baby A at 1 month old

My beautiful baby A,

It seems impossible that you are 1 month old already. It wasn’t that long ago that when asked your age I answered in days (or hours!) and now suddenly your age is in months! Although it’s hard to believe you’ve already been here so long, at the same time it feels as though we’ve known you far longer.

You are such an easy baby, fitting perfectly into our family. You are an absolute dream to breastfeed- you seemed to be born knowing what to do. You’re also much quicker to feed than your brother was. You don’t seem to want to cluster feed either, which is a relief, as I don’t know how happy little T would be if I was feeding you for hours at a time.


You’re gaining weight well. You are 11lb 6oz and on the 91st centile. You’re fitting well into 0-3 month clothes- they certainly won’t last until you’re three months old!

You sleep well at night in your co-sleeper cot. You usually wake at about 12, 3 and 5, but you have also had a couple of nights where you’ve gone 6 hours from 9-3, which makes me feel incredibly lucky. You never know, maybe you’ll take after Mummy and sleep through from 6 weeks old (hopefully you won’t take after your brother who didn’t consistently sleep through until he was 15 months!).


You love baths, cuddles and Mummy stroking your hair. You love people singing, especially when Mummy sings, ‘you are my sunshine.’ I’m sure you find it comforting as you used to hear it every night as Mummy sings it to Little T before bed. You hate getting out the bath and having your nails cut.


One of the cutest things is when something startles you, like a cold wipe, and you throw your little arms out to the side and look around in wide-eyed surprise. You still have scrunched up little newborn legs but they are gradually starting to straighten out.

You’re so alert and you started smiling at 3 weeks old. There’s nothing Mummy likes seeing better than your gummy grin. But you’re not very generous with smiles at the moment, your maximum is one a day at the moment, so we’ve not managed to capture it on camera yet!


Daddy was relieved when your umbilical cord finally fell off after 2 and a half weeks. Mummy didn’t tell him it had come off during the day and just asked him to get you ready for bed. He was pretty freaked out thinking he would find it in your clothes. Mean Mummy!

It’s been a busy month for meeting family, you’ve now met all of your aunts and uncles and your cousin. You still have more extended family to meet though! We’ve been on lots of walks into town, enjoying the sunshine (and while waiting until Mummy can drive again!). We’ve also been to Millets Farm, to the park and swimming pool (just watching T, but we’ll take you swimming soon too!).

Love you little man,



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