Folic acid

Today I picked it up some folic acid while out doing our weekly shop. That probably doesn’t sound like a very big deal. But it felt like a hugely significant moment.

Folic acidYou see this little bottle of pills symbolises the start of our journey to becoming a family of four.

We had agreed that we would ‘let nature take it’s course’ from October. We’re not actively trying but not preventing either. What will be will be.

But as I was reading something earlier today I remembered that you’re supposed to take folic acid while you’re trying to conceive. And we’re kind of trying to conceive.

When we were trying to conceive T, I was religiously taking pre-conception vitamins and making a conscious effort to eat more healthily. I had even started taking supplements to improve the quality of my cervical mucus. Sorry if that just made you spit out your tea.

It seems very different this time round already. I’m eating my normal sometimes healthy diet. Until today I’d forgotten I was supposed to be taking folic acid. I’m certainly not taking any extra supplements. I’m not obsessed in the same way that I was last time.

This may be my last ever time trying to conceive. Never say never, but I can’t realistically see us having any more children after number two. I want to enjoy it. Savour the tantalising symptom-spotting during the two week wait, the am I, aren’t I? The excitement of wondering whether this will be our month (although if we’re still trying in 6 months time, the excitement may have worn off slightly).

I’m thrilled to be starting on this journey. I’ve started taking folic acid. Here we go!

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