Bump diary: weeks 27/28

Well, I’m officially in my third trimester now. I think I say it with every bump update but it really is really scary how quickly this pregnancy is going!

The biggest thing to have happened in the last couple of weeks is that I’ve had another scan to check my placenta. If you remember, my 20 week scan showed that my placenta was over my c-section scar, which could have had serious consequences.

I thought I was feeling okay about the scan but judging by the fact I couldn’t sleep the night before, maybe I was feeling a bit nervous. We dropped T at my parents house and S came with me to the hospital. When we arrived they asked if I had a full bladder, I didn’t- I’d literally just been for a wee! So they told me to drink lots of water and let them know when it was so full I could hardly walk!

So we sat for 30 minutes in the waiting room. I was drinking cup after cup of water, so much so that I was starting to feel sick from my stomach being so full, but eventually the water did the trick and we went in for the scan. The doctor who did the scan was lovely. She quickly measured baby then went on to the placenta. After a minute or so she said that I was off the hook and my placenta had moved to the top of my uterus. I was so happy! But also desperate for a wee by this stage (it really seems cruel to force heavily pregnant women to have a full bladder!).

Reading through my notes on the way home I discovered that baby weighs 2lb 10oz which is exactly average, so I’m probably looking at baby being a similar size to little T (8lb 3oz) if he/she is born at 40 weeks. I also discovered that baby is breech, but I’m sure he/she must have turned recently because up until yesterday I was feeling kicks really high up in my tummy, so I’m optimistic that he/she will turn again soon.

Having had a good outcome from the scan I feel like I can finally relax and start to plan things for the rest of the pregnancy. I didn’t want to organise lots of things in case the scan brought bad news. So now we can book our last holiday as a family of 3 for June and I can start really preparing for a VBAC. We should probably also come up with a name at some point- we really are nowhere near agreeing!

Another thing that happened in the last few weeks was I went for my whooping cough jab. It’s so important that pregnant women are vaccinated against it as it protects newborns from this potentially fatal illness until they are old enough to have the jab themselves. The NHS have also recently updated their guidelines on whooping cough vaccination- it used to be recommended to have it between 28 and 32 weeks, but new research has shown that the earlier you have it the better, ideally as soon as possible after your 20 week scan. The jab itself was fine; all I had was a sore arm for about 24-48 hours afterwards.

I also discovered that my secret-from-everyone-in-real-life blog is not so secret any more! So hello to my new readers (I kind of feel like I’ve ‘made it’ for people I know to stumble across my blog!).

26 weeks

2 thoughts on “Bump diary: weeks 27/28

  1. My Petit Canard

    What a lovely bump! So lovely to discover your blog. I am 33 weeks pregnant and I love reading other bloggers bump updates and hearing how similar and different their experiences are. Great news that your placenta has moved, im sure its a relief. We need to get organised too and reading your post has made me feel like I really need to move my butt into gear 😉 Emily

    • Helen Post author

      Thanks for your lovely comment! I’ll have to come and have a look at your bump updates too, I love comparing experiences! Xx


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