Bump diary: weeks 20/21

I didn’t manage to write a 20 week update, I’ve been so busy with an exciting new (non-blog) project! I’m hoping to share more about it in the next week or so.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. The baby’s movements have been getting much stronger- I’m feeling kicks from the outside now. I would say it’s a shame that S isn’t here to feel them but when I was pregnant with T and used to tell him I could feel the baby kicking, he would put his hand on my tummy for about 10 seconds before declaring that he couldn’t feel anything and taking it away!

20 weeks marked the midpoint in my pregnancy (eek- I don’t know where the time’s going!) and was also the exact midpoint in S being away, so we’re on the countdown to him coming home now!

At 20 weeks I had my appointment at the hospital to check out my lumpy boob. A scan revealed it was just very dense breast tissue so nothing to worry about, which is a relief.

The following day I had my 20 week scan. I went with my Mum while my Dad looked after T. I always find scans quite nerve racking, especially when they study the same part of the baby again and again without saying anything. I find myself looking at the screen thinking, ‘should it look like that?’ Fortunately all was well with the baby. It’s measurements were slightly on the larger side of normal so I think it’ll be a decent weight when it’s born.

20 week scan

There’s not going to be a gender reveal on the blog as we decided not to find out this time. I put my hands over my eyes at the appropriate moments so I didn’t accidentally see anything! The moment we found out with T I was thrilled because if anything I would have preferred a boy last time (no preference this time), but also felt slightly deflated as though I’d seen my Christmas presents early. It’s really nice not knowing, so I’m happy we’re waiting.

The only slight problem that was detected during my scan was that the placenta is very close to my c-section scar. The sonographer was confident that it will move but I’m going back for another scan at 30 weeks to check. I stupidly decided to google the implications of the placenta being over the c-section scar, and I really wish I hadn’t. The reason I’m being re-scanned is to check for placenta accreta. It’s very rare (apparently a large teaching hospital like mine will see about one case a year) but extremely serious. Put it this way, if I find out I have it, I plan on making a will, just in case.

But hopefully the 30 week scan will just be another chance to see the baby and for S to come along as well.

19 weeks

22 weeks

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  1. BloggerMummyLauren

    Glad your 20 week scan went well. It’s lovely that you want to keep the gender of the baby unknown, I couldn’t do it with either of mine, I just had to know! It will be a lovely surprise when they are born though, won’t it. The placenta accreta, hope the next scan shows all is well!
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