Bump diary: week 7

The sickness has seemed to step up a gear this week. On Monday I felt truly awful and was a bit pathetic and mopey when S got home from work. Since then I’ve pulled myself together a bit. I’ve bought travel sickness bands and am taking root ginger supplements which actually seem to be helping a bit. Another thing that helps is not letting myself get hungry so I feel like I’m constantly eating; somehow I don’t think I’m going to lose weight in the first trimester like I did with T!

7 weeks d bwI’ve developed loads of food aversions. The biggest giveaway that something’s up is that I can’t stand the idea of tea, when I’m normally a massive tea fiend! I’ve also gone off chocolate and some of my other favourite foods. I’m loving salt and vinegar crisps though, just like last time.

I’m thinking that this is probably another boy. I’ve just got the feeling, plus this pregnancy seems pretty similar. We won’t find out this time though. S talked me into finding out with T. I agreed because I was 99% certain the scan would confirm what I already knew- that I was having a boy. After the scan, although I was thrilled to be having a boy (I did have a slight preference), I felt disappointed that we hadn’t waited.

I had my booking appointment with the midwife this week, it really made it all seem a bit more real! We talked about how I really want a VBAC this time and she was very supportive, especially as she had a c-section herself and then went on to have 3 VBACs! She said it was good that I got to 7cm before my c-section as it shows that my body knows how to labour and dilate. I’ve also been doing some reading about VBACs and I’m sure I’m doing the right thing by attempting it. I’ll be doing a post about my decision a bit later on.

I’m still having period-like cramps on and off. I read this week that my uterus has grown from the size of a closed fist to the size of a grapefruit in the last few weeks, so it’s hardly surprising!

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