Bump diary: week 5

It’s starting to sink in a bit more this week. I had a few days where I felt awful because I wasn’t happy or excited at all. In fact I kept thinking we’d made a huge mistake. I couldn’t understand why I felt like that, as this baby was planned. I think (I hope!) it’s normal to feel like this, it is a huge, life-changing event for all three of us, after all.

5 weeks d bwI’m feeling a little happier about it now. I really want to enjoy this pregnancy because, as I said to S, all being well, I probably won’t be 4 weeks pregnant ever again, which makes me sad.

I’m very aware of how early things are still; we are a long way from the ‘safety’ of 12 weeks still. One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage so, although I hope we’re in the 3 in 4, there’s no guarantees of anything at this stage. I don’t want to get excited or make too many plans, especially after I found out that a friend miscarried this week.

I had my first doctor’s appointment this week. I phoned on Monday, fully expecting to be given an appointment several weeks away and was offered one on Wednesday! I think I saw a locum (who didn’t have the best bedside manner, to say the least!). But hopefully I’ve been referred for my dating scan and I’ve got my first midwife’s appointment booked for 2 weeks.

I’m managing to keep it a secret from everyone else still at the moment. I drove to a night out with friends the other day as a cover story for not drinking. Last time we told close friends and family at 6 weeks, but this time I’d really like to announce to family at Christmas (when I’ll be 10 weeks) and everyone else after the 12 week scan.

I’m still feeling really hungry. I have to eat like a toddler with 3 meals and two snacks a day! I’ve had a few days where I’ve started to feel a bit queasy, which is much earlier than last time- the sickness didn’t kick in until 6 weeks when I was pregnant with T.

I’m so tired too. I’m really neglecting my blog at the moment because I’m falling asleep each time I put T down for a nap or to bed, which is normally the only blogging time I get!

I’m still getting a lot of period-like cramps. I can’t remember how long they went on last time. Last night I was convinced I was going to wake up bleeding, because it felt exactly like I was getting my period, only worse. But everything was fine. I’m very much taking things one day at a time for now.

4 weeks

6 weeks

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