Bump diary: week 24

Today’s a very exciting day for me. I’m 24 weeks today which I think always feels like a massive milestone as the baby is now viable and would have a chance of surviving if born from now on (although the thought of the baby being born this early is terrifying!).

Not only that, though. S is coming home today after 2 months working away in South Africa. His flight was delayed by 4 hours but is currently over Kent and due to land in about 15 minutes. I’m so frigging excited! It seemed to last forever, him being away, but now all of a sudden it’s the day he comes home!

Once S is home I think we really need to start getting organised for this baby. We don’t even have a longlist of names, let alone a shortlist! We have most of the baby stuff left over from little T, but we need to work out the things we need to buy. I’m feeling very disorganised!

Pregnancy-wise, I’m feeling tired at the moment but I think that’s just because I’ve been so busy recently. I’ve been falling asleep every time I put little T to bed, just like I did in the first trimester. I’m hoping to feel less tired again soon, I’m not ready for third trimester tiredness yet- I’m not even in the third trimester!

I’ve also noticed my legs feel a little tight and uncomfortable but they’re not visibly swollen… yet! I also can’t seem to take my wedding ring off. Oh well, I guess I won’t be able to go out on the pull any more.

My belly button is becoming shallower by the day. I never got an outie last time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I do this time.

It’s little T’s birthday tomorrow. It’s so strange to think that exactly 2 years ago I was feeling my very first contractions thinking they were Braxton Hicks. What an incredible two years it’s been since then!

23 weeks

2 thoughts on “Bump diary: week 24

  1. HelenWLH

    Exciting times! You look fantastic! So glad to read S is coming home. I love reading your updates Helen. I’ve been away from my blog a little bit but still catch up on my fav blogs 🙂 Enjoy T’s birthday tomorrow too. Helen xx

  2. Sabrina @ The Mummy Stylist

    Yay, I liked 24 weeks – with the baby being viable – it’s so exciting isn’t it. Hope your tiredness goes away, I found I’ve had my energy back the past few weeks (I’m 27 weeks now), an am also not looking forward to 3rd trimester tiredness! Happy birthday to T tomorrow! Sabrina x


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