Bump diary: week 18

This week I had a group physio appointment for ladies with pelvic girdle or back pain in pregnancy. The physio gave advice about correct posture and exercises to improve core strength and reduce pain. And, of course, with anything pregnancy related it’s also a case of ‘do your pelvic floors’! I’m really terrible at remembering them, I really should get one of the apps she recommended (Baby Buddy or Squeezy). One thing I did notice that I had by far the smallest bump there. I am slightly worried that the pelvic girdle pain has started so early, but hopefully if I follow the advice from the physio it’s not going to get any worse (or may even improve).

Looking at my bump picture this week, I can’t believe how big I look! I really don’t feel big. Although I’ve been feeling so hungry I’m sure baby must be having a growth spurt! He/she has also been really active and I’ve felt a few proper kicks instead of just fluttering, it really is the best feeling.

A less welcome feeling was the brief return of first trimester-like tiredness and nausea. The other day I fell asleep when I was putting little T to bed and when I got up to brush my teeth I was on the verge of throwing up. Fortunately that seems to have passed now. It seems strange to me for this still to be happening now as I felt no nausea at all past 14 weeks in my last pregnancy. Both my grandmothers think I’m having a girl this time. I’m still pretty sure that it’s a boy, but not as certain as I was a few weeks ago.

With S being away, any talk about names has been put on hold. To be honest, talks weren’t that advanced when he left. I did realise this week though that little T already had a name at this point in my pregnancy with him!

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