Bump diary: week 16

This week I felt the baby move for the first time! It’s such an amazing feeling. I was lying in bed and then, there it was, gentle bubbling and fluttering (and, no, it wasn’t wind!). Hello, baby!

I love that I’ve felt movement about a week earlier than I did with T, that’s an extra week to enjoy those special moments between just me and baby. These early movements are so exciting but part of me can’t wait for the massive kicks that come later on when you can actually see the movement. It really is one of the most amazing things about being pregnant, even if it is a little uncomfortable when an 8lb baby boots you in the ribs!

The sickness has pretty much gone, only brushing my teeth and coughing makes me feel sick now (and some of little T’s poos- they really are pretty vile at the moment). Most of my food aversions have gone too, which is great, although I really miss tea but still can’t face it.

This week I’ve been to see my GP because I found a lump in one of my boobs a couple of weeks ago and it hadn’t gone away. Although I was sure it would just be pregnancy related changes, any new lumps and bumps should be checked out. She was really reassuring and said if she was concerned she would refer me to the hospital to be seen within 2 weeks but she was sure it was nothing to worry about. I’ve got to go back in a couple of weeks just to check up on it but I’m feeling much more relaxed about it now. Obviously in my line of work I see cancer every day and have treated quite a few patients my age or younger, so of course it crossed my mind that it could be something more sinister.

The biggest news this week, however, has been S leaving to work in South Africa for 2 months. We’re going to miss him so much and it’s crazy to think that I’ll be 24 weeks when he comes back. I’m sad that he’s going to miss the 20 week scan, but it was too good an opportunity to miss.

15 weeks

17 weeks


2 thoughts on “Bump diary: week 16

    • Helen Post author

      Thanks lovely 🙂 The sickness has definitely been worse this time, so I’m very glad to be at the tail end of it finally! I’m sure the lump will just be some weird pregnancy thing, but you can’t help but worry a little when you find something like that xx


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