Bump diary: week 15

Another week gone already! I can’t keep up. I’m a little disappointed that the sickness still hasn’t completely gone and I’ve almost thrown up a couple of times. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until I feel back to normal.


Comparing my picture to my 13 weeks one it’s amazing how much bigger the bump is! Considering I didn’t show at all until this point in the pregnancy last time I think I’m looking pretty huge. But I must still be at the ‘fat or pregnant’ stage though- I’ve not had any strangers or acquaintances brave enough to congratulate me yet!

I know he’s too young to really understand, but little T was so cute the other day when he pointed to my bump and said, ‘babba’. Then he wanted to kiss and cuddle it and even started babbling away, talking to the baby. It was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen, my heart was melting! He’s going to be the most amazing big brother. We bought him a new book today, ‘There’s a house inside my mummy,’ to try and help him understand a bit more about what’s happening (although he already points to my tummy when you ask him where the baby is).

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13 thoughts on “Bump diary: week 15

  1. Suz

    Look at that beautiful bump!! i wish mine was as cute as yours – im feeling like a whale!! i havent suffered from sickness but can imagine its horrible! Suz x beauisblue.com

    • Helen Post author

      Aww, thanks lovely! It’s a flattering angle- if you saw me in real life you’d just think I’d eaten too many pies! I’ve read your most recent pregnancy update and can assure you that you definitely don’t look like a whale xx

  2. Angela at Daysinbed

    you look fab! I hope the sickness dies down shortly for you. I am reminded of my own… it started every day at 2pm until 11pm strange and i would drink ginger, eat ginger biscuits and ginger tablets. Lol Angela from #LovelyThings

    • Helen Post author

      Thanks, Angela! I’m feeling loads better now. That’s funny, my sickness tended to start about lunchtime and get worse throughout the day, so much for ‘morning sickness’! Xx

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