Bump diary: week 14

Hello second trimester! I’m finally starting to feel better, and it’s amazing! I still feel sick on and off but it’s so much better than a few weeks ago. I can eat chocolate again! I even tried to drink a cup of tea, I think that was a bit ambitious though. I’m feeling better but not that much better!

So it’s bloody typical that I’ve caught a cold off little T this week- instead of feeling sick I’ve been coughing and full of snot, lovely. But I know that in a couple of days I’ll feel better, unlike the sickness that lasted 1o long weeks.

I’m excited to be starting pregnancy yoga this week. I did it during my last pregnancy but didn’t start until the third trimester so this time I’m starting as soon as I can. I found it so relaxing and I’m hoping it will help me get a bit fitter. I’m ridiculously unfit at the moment- I get out of breath going up the stairs- so now I’m starting to feel a bit better I really want to start some gentle exercise.

I’m also slowly getting back into blogging, which I’m so happy about, now that I’m not sleeping as much as my toddler I have time to actually write stuff and read other blogs. I’m also really excited to discover how many other pregnant bloggers there are at the moment. It’s great to read about how everyone else’s pregnancies are progressing.

It’s also 6 months today until my baby’s due, which seems like ages away and really not that long all at the same time!

13 weeks

15 weeks

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